What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is utmost important if you want to run a website online. Web hosting companies have high-end computers, and they are setup in a way that they work as servers. When you buy hosting space from any web host, you get space on one of those server computers’ Hard Drive, and you get other resources as well. Those computers are just like your home computer with a few differences such as they are set up as servers that respond to the visitors’ requests and also, their hardware are more powerful.

As it is inevitable if you want to run a website, the web hosting business has grown up quite well since the beginning. But, as like every product or service there are good and bad hosting companies do exist together.

When we say good host, it means the host has more than 99% uptime, very fast response time, 24×7 support, high-level security, etc.

bad host is the one that has so much of downtime that makes your site offline for long hours that result in visitor loss, and ultimately loss in the business. Their response time is not good as well, and even their security level is not that great.

  1. Shared Hosting: When a web hosting provider offers hosting multiple websites having a different domain name from a single server, it is called Shared Hosting. Same software and hardware resources are used by all sites hosted on the server.

Bloggers mostly use shared hosting because it is comparatively affordable and it fulfills the purposes of bloggers.

  1. VPS Hosting: Short for Virtual Private Serveris a server within a big server. The big server acts like a dedicated server which is divided into mini Virtual Private Servers, and each VPS serves the request of one website. I mean you can host one of your sites on one VPS. In this, all the hardware resources or one VPS are used by only one website that makes the website runs fast and fewer chances of getting virus infection from other websites that likely to happen in Shared Hosting.
  2. Dedicated Hosting: This is the best but costliest hosting service. It is hosting configuration that fulfills just one website requirement. Mainly the big companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. use this hosting. It is more secure than any hosting type.

The above graphic speaks itself about these 3 hosting types. In VPS, I have just shown 2 Virtual private servers for 2 different websites in the image, but it is up to the hosting provider as how many VPS they create out of the main dedicated server.

In the dedicated hosting, the whole server is dedicated to one website.

On this blog, you will read more about shared hosting as this is the hosting type we bloggers use mostly. However, we will talk about VPS and dedicated hosting as well eventually.

A few factors that you should always consider while Buy Web Hosting

  1. Price: Price is the main consideration for many bloggers because many of us lack money while starting out. So, always choose the one that is good and at the same time their pricing is affordable. For example, comhas been offering 1-year free hosting and takes only the cost of the domain for the first year. So that you can start a blog in less than 15USD for the first year, and earn well to pay later years payment. It’s like; they give you the opportunity to build a good site within one year. There are many other affordable hosts available that we will be mentioning on this blog.
  2. Support: Not all are techie enough to sort out all the issues when they get in their hosting. And, even if they are knowledgeable, they need hosting guys to fix many issues. Thus, always be sure that the hosting support is good. Most of the good hosting providers have nice support system. I would suggest choosing the one which has chat support as it helps you out instantly.
  3. Operating System:Operating system check is important because if you want to run a website that is built using PHP then Linux Hosting will be a better choice, and if your website is made using .Net or any other that needs Windows OS to run, then you need to get Windows Hosting.

Linux hosting is the most popular hosting nowadays.

  1. Software and Hardware: You should query about the software and hardware they are giving with the shared hosting you are going to choose. You can ask about the processor, RAM, etc. because the hosting provider that offer low RAM, and cheap processor might cause lag, slow loading, and severe downtime issues. Thus, a query about these things is paramount.
  2. Control Panel: Different web hosting has a different control panel, but CPanel is one of the best control panels used worldwide. You can also check with your hosting provider whether they offer Cpanel or not.
  3. Uptime: You can monitor different websites already running on the hosting server that you are going to choose to know whether their uptime is good or not.
  4. Server Response Time:You can also check existing sites that are running on the hosting that you are going to choose to know how much response time they are delivering. Google page Speed Tool can give you an idea of When you check a website using this tool, it shows “Reduce Server Response Time” if the server is slow otherwise it shows response time under the passed rule. Google recommends keeping server response time under 200ms.
  5. Regular Backup: There is nothing safe online. Therefore keeping a regular backup of websites is very important so that even if your website is compromised you can restore it with the backup. You must choose the host that takes regular backups of the websites hosted on its server.


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