10 Pinterest Tools You Should Start Using from Today

Pinterest is an image-based social media site that has grown up well in a very small period. It was launched way back in March 2010, and within two years it beaten twitter for generating referral traffic to the websites. That was a big achievement for Pinterest. It continued to grow, and at the time of writing this blog post, it has 100 million users.

Looking at above information, it is clear that promoting your brand, product, or website on Pinterest can be a great marketing strategy.

Tools are very important to carry out different tasks effectively. We have used Twitter tools, Facebook tools, and many different social media tools for carrying out different tasks. Similarly, there are different tools to make most out of Pinterest. So, in this blog post, I am going to share 10 Pinterest tools that you should start using from today:

  1. Canva

As you read above that Pinterest is an image-based social media site, you must have to design interesting and attractive images that you can use to promote your product or brand.

Canva is one of the best tools to create attractive banners and graphics. It is full of flexible options that make very easy for you to design beautiful images without being a professional designer. You can create photos for social sites with predefined dimensions that fit well for sharing over various social sites. It is simply a great online graphic design software.

  1. Giphy

Gif images (animated images) are the best visual content to grab audience attention quickly. I personally enjoy watching out animated stuff because they are cool and self-explanatory. And, the great news is Pinterest supports gif images.

Giphy is a gif search engine where you can find out various types of readymade gif images. You can also create your own gif images using your video files or Youtube video links. Thus, you can use Giphy in both cases. I loved the tool when I was introduced to it.

Giphy is indeed a great Pinterest tool that you must start using from today.

  1. Visual.ly

Infographic is in the trend, and people love it because it takes just a few minutes to understand the whole thing that an infographic is supposed to explore.

Visual.ly is one of the best tools to create awesome infographics. It has more than 35,000 members. If you use it right, you can make your infographics go viral on Pinterest.

  1. 4. Piqora

Piquora is a great tool that helps you carry out various things on different social media sites. But, here we are talking about Pinterest tools; it helps you schedule your pins on Pinterest.

You can save a lot of your quality time deciding what to pin and when. It has an automated recommendation system that lets you know which images to pin and when for better reach. You can specify specific time frames for pins to be published.

  1. Pinalerts

Pinalerts can be a great help to engage with different pinners who pin an image from your website or repin your pins. It is something like Google Alerts. You can get notification of all those users that interact with you in some way either by repining your pins, commenting on them or pinning from your website. You can interact with them by thanking them, and also repinning their pins. This helps to create a community around you.

  1. ShareAsImage

Quotations are great to attract people, but if you use them dressed up with great background images, then they become even more attractive that tend to go viral.

ShareAsImage is a tool that helps you create awesome banners with quotes that may help you get most out of your efforts on Pinterest.

  1. Postris

Postris is a content discovery tool that comes with an extremely simple interface. You can stay updated on top by knowing what is hot      and trending on Pinterest. It finds the most popular pins, boards, and pinners. You can follow those and can get killer content ideas from them. Postris is currently free to use.

  1. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

Pinterest Pinboard Widget is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you display your Pinterest images as a board on your blog’s sidebar or footer. It is great to display your Pinterest boards on your blog because it helps you connect more people on this particular social media site.

  1. Pinvolve

Do you want to get something that pinned on your Facebook profile to your Pinterest page?

If yes, Pinvolve is the way. It is a tool that syncs Facebook with Pinterest. It arranges the content in a Pinterest like a format. When you hover on any image, you can see “Pin It” button that you can use to pin that particular image.

  1. TailWind

TailWind can be a great Pinterest analytics tool that helps analyze your competitors, see trending pins, popular pinners, and your most influential followers. It also helps you schedule the pins.

TailWind is a must have tool if you love to work on Pinterest.

Final Words

Tools reduce your efforts by automating the tasks. They also carry out things with more precision. These 10 Pinterest tools are one of the best tools that you must start using from today in order to make your work more prices and effective. These tools will help you boost your Pinterest marketing strategies to a great extent.

This is my list of 10 Pinterest tools, and I would like to know about more tools from you. Share your favorite tools in the comments, please.

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