How to Make Money Through Online Survey?

The Internet has become the most important part of our life as we use it all the time except during the sleep.? It has become a lifestyle which is being opted by the people of all ages.

You can check emails, read the newspaper, check exam results, search for information, chat with your friends & relatives, and can do many other things on the Internet.

Almost all kind of information you can get on the Internet. These all seem to be great but to me, the best thing it offers is the numerous opportunities to make money online using various ways and techniques.

Gone are the days when people only focused to get a 9-5 day job, nowadays, trend has been changed, and people are opting for either online entrepreneurship or offering online services. These give them ease to work while sitting in their armchair at home.

Make money through online survey is one of the legitimate ways.

Yes! Surveys!

It doesn’t require you to be an expert of anything rather you just need to be good in giving your opinion.

When I came to know about it, my first impression was like, . One more scam technique? but later when I dug deeper into it I came to know that you can make money through online survey?if you join only the genuine survey sites.

What exactly the online Surveys are?

Many of the big brands work hard on their products which can meet the consumer?s requirements but still they miss many things. That is the reason companies have started taking people?s view on their products. Once they have opinion from thousands of people, they analyze what issues are there in their products, what all are missing, and what they can improve. And on the base of analysis, they improve their products.

In many cases, these surveys give reasons to companies to launch new products which are even better than earlier, and can fulfill consumer?s requirements even in more efficient manner.

Though not all people want to spend their time filling out surveys, companies started to offer money to the people to share their honest opinion about their product so that more people come forward to take an interest. And where there is money concerned, people tend to give a try.

It’s not necessary to write only good words rather you get asked to give your honest feedback and opinion.

So how you can exactly make money through Online surveys?

The first thing, I would like to tell you that you may not be able to make thousands of dollars through online surveys though you can earn your pocket money. You cannot simply dependent fully on it.

  • The very first step you need to take is to search for authentic Survey websites. You can easily differentiate between a scam survey site and a genuine one because the genuine survey sites don?t ask for money or credit card details when you are joining them. They are absolutely free.
    On the other hand, scam sites might ask you for some entry fee, and credit card details.
  • Once you make a list of genuine sites, Sign up and fill your profile and other details carefully because companies send surveys as per your profile information. Avoid leaving options blank or filling inaccurate details.
  • Now, you will be getting surveys that you should complete. Don?t be inconsistent while taking part in the surveys you are assigned to. Be regular to get more surveys. If are not consistent, they might stop sending you further surveys.
  • Once you complete a survey then you get paid through your preferred payment modes.
  • If you are regular to work on surveys. Keep checking your emails to stay updated, so that you can take action instantly whenever you assigned a survey.
  • As you get asked to share your opinion in the surveys, enjoy answering the questions, and give your honest feedback and suggestions.

How to stay away from Scam Surveys?

  • As I mentioned earlier in the article that genuine survey sites don?t ask for any upfront fee or credit card details. So if any site is asking such things, just stop visiting that site.
  • Many survey scam sites don?t let you know the clear payment mode and other details. They keep many things hidden from you. Don?t join them.
  • Go to some complaint sites and search if there any complaints about the survey sites you are going to join.

I am sharing a list of 5 legitimate Survey sites:

  1. My survey
  2. Swagbucks?
  3. Valued opinions
  4. One poll
  5. Cash Crate

Few of these sites don?t allow users from India so I have made a list of 5 online survey sites for Indian users as well and those are given below:

  1. Global test market
  2. Star panel
  3. Panel place
  4. Spider metrix
  5. PanelPlace

Final Words

Internet has given us a platform to learn, teach, chat, play games, entertain, getting news, and many other things including money making potential then why only spend your time chatting with friends or strangers(which most people do), why not start making efforts and earn some cool cash?

I would again want your attention that it is not going to make you rich,but it surely can help you earn your pocket money.

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