Step By Step Guide to Install Google Analytics to Your WordPress Site?

When starting a new website, the key is to attract traffic from various sources to make it work for your business. You may want to get traffic from some countries, more organic traffic, or from most searched keywords. No matter what your purpose is, you always need something that can inform you about traffic stats and other details like keywords that attract traffic, high traffic channels, websites or any pages that are the main source of traffic, countries from where you get traffic, and other information.

To be clear, you should have every detail about traffic coming to your site so you can plan how to further boost your traffic and get it from a specific keyword or country. You can easily make another plan if you know about the existing traffic to your site.

There are hundreds of tools available for traffic information. Google Analytics is the first choice of Webmasters. You can use Analytics for all types of sites as it gives a code to add into the code of your site in a way that it is loaded whenever users open the page of the site.

Since we are going to talk about WordPress, we will show you how to install Google Analytics in WP.

  • First off, go to Google Analytics
  • Login with your Google account and click “Sign ”
  • By clicking “Sign up”, you can see the page where it will ask for the site name, site’s URL, and account name.
  • Just fill the information required and see “Get Tracking ID” at the bottom
  • You will see TOS agreement by clicking it. Now choose the country and go to “I Accept”. You will see tracking Id on the next page.
  • You just have to copy the code and paste the code of your site. Copy the code.
  • Go to the dashboard of your WordPress site by going to admin Now go to “Appearance” and then click “Editor.”
  • You will go to “Theme Editor” page. You will check “style.css” page which is open already.
  • With css page, there is nothing to do. Click either on header.php or footer.php. It is recommended to click on header.php as it loads when any page loads.
  • Enter the code over </head>


  • Add the code in footer or header as it has segments that load on each page. It means the analytics code can load whenever any page or post is accessed, and traffic is recorded on each page.
  • You don’t need to paste the code over </head>, put it between <head></head>. Some people just put the code in between them. But it is recommended to store in the head

Now Google Analytics is installed to your site. After some time, go to and see the traffic stats. The first step of doing it will be the same but another part of installing it to the code can be done with ease as not everyone is comfortable to add anything to the code.

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