How to Stay Healthy While you blog?

We all know how tiring is to blog every day because it doesn’t consist of one thing rather it needs you to carry out many things on an everyday basis such as keyword research, writing blog posts, proofreading, publishing, promotion, commenting, etc.

Though most of us love blogging, it is still a tiring job, and we need to sit in front of our computers for longer hours to carry out these blogging activities.

You must have read or heard a lot that sitting kills which is somehow true as if you sit for longer, you are prone to getting many health problems such as low blood flow to your legs or throughout the body, back pain, Neck pain, and many other problems.

Since we all love blogging and are very passionate about it, we cannot give up on this. It does earn us money too. In such situation, we need to find the way to stay healthy while we blog.

I mean since we cannot leave blogging, we must need to learn to stay healthy while blogging continues.

Below are a few ways that help you stay healthy while you blog:

  1. Take Regular Breaks while Working

When you work on your blog(s) for a longer duration, you must take breaks in between to keep your body fresh and energetic. Taking breaks gives some relaxing time to your body which helps it to gain the lost energy.

Taking break means not just a break from the work but from the computer too. In the breaks, you can walk into your room or outside, drink some water, or can listen to music with closed eyes. These will help you rejuvenate your body.

To be exact, I would advise taking breaks of 20-30 minutes every after 2 hours of working. For example, if you sit to work for 10 hours, try to take such breaks after every 2 hours; it increases your work productivity since you are refreshed after every 2 hours. It also helps in avoiding eye strain as well. Our eyes need rest too.

Without such breaks, sometimes our mind stops working, and we start feeling bored too that affects our work productivity.

In short, sitting continuously for longer is not recommended thus do take breaks and stay healthy while you blog.

  1. Drink Water Regularly

When we are too busy in work, our mind stops thinking about other things, but our body needs some relaxing time and regular hydration as well. When you work in front of your computer, do keep a glass/bottle of water beside you, and keep drinking a small amount of water at regular intervals. To be exact, you can take 2-3 sips of water after every 20-30 minutes.

When you do this, your body gets the constant supply of water, and thus, the body doesn’t get tired so soon, and you can keep working for long hours. If you don’t drink plenty of water, your body runs out of water that may lead to many health issues.

Therefore, always keep a bottle or glass of water while working, and keep drinking it regularly.

  1. Maintain a Good Sitting Posture

No matter you are a blogger or any other person, as long as you work in front of a computer for long hours, you must maintain a good sitting posture because a bad posture can give you back pain, neck pain, and even leg pain.

Below is a diagram that says all about the right sitting posture for working on the computer.

I don’t need to explain much as this diagram is self-explanatory. If you want to get better insights about sitting posture, watch the video below:

I hope you know now what to do to correct your sitting posture while blogging.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Bloggers do work till late night for writing articles, driving traffic, and other blogging jobs which are great. But, don’t work like you won’t get another day. Make a schedule of your work, and try to follow it. Always keep 8-8.5 hours of sleep on your schedule. Never hinder your sleep because of work. Some exceptions may be there when you need to meet some deadlines. But, don’t make a habit of getting less sleep. Enough sleep is imperative because unless you sleep well, your body won’t be relaxed. Even you won’t feel fresh if you don’t have enough sleep.

Therefore to relax your body and work with fresh mind, enough sleep is imperative.

  1. Eat Healthy While Blogging

Many of us do have a habit of eating something while working, and to be exact most of the time we eat potato chips, salty snacks, sugary substances, or drinking soft drinks.

I would advise you to give up these foods because they don’t do any good to your health but do more bad to it.

Eat healthy and timely. Don’t keep eating random stuff while working. If you really feel like eating something then have something healthy to eat. You can keep fruits with you that you can eat when you feel hungry while working. And, to drink, replace soft drinks with fruit juices or milk.

A blogger needs to work very hard, and all the works they do are by sitting only. Therefore, eating high carb or saturated fats is not good for health as fewer calories are burnt while we keep sitting and thus, it can lead to obesity which further leads to more health complications.

  1. Do Regular Exercise

Every blogger needs to work out every day because while blogging most of the times bloggers keep sitting and working. That results in low blood flow throughout the body and also the chances of being obese increase too.

Therefore, exercise is crucial for bloggers to burn out calories, and improve blood flow in the body. Working out also keeps us fresh and energetic.


Wrapping Up

Health is Wealth. And, you must take care of it. Always prefer health over wealth because if you stay healthy, then you can earn more wealth. Bloggers are awesome creatures who work day and night to pursue their dreams of earning a considerable amount of money and getting success. They do need to take some time out from blogging and live a normal offline life too that may include exercising, socializing with people around them, playing some outdoor games, etc.

Above mentioned ideas are crucial for every blogger to maintain their health while they blog.

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