How to become a better blogger?

Nowadays becoming a blogger is an easy task, but becoming a better blogger is indeed a task that needs a lot of hard work, energy, consistency and patience. There are millions of bloggers out there online, but not all are the ones to be followed to learn something. On the contrary, there are thousands out of them are great ones like Darren Rowse, Patt Flynn, Jon Morrow, Neil Patel and others.

So, what these guys did that made them better bloggers whom everybody likes to follow?

No doubt! They must have worked very hard to reach to this level.

Do you want to be a blogger of that kind who is followed by thousands of other bloggers? Do you wish to be a better blogger?

If your answer is Yes, then this article is for you. Continue reading.

In this blog post, I am sharing the list of a few things you should do to become a better blogger.

Here goes the list:

1. Brand yourself

Writing & publishing articles on your blog is not enough to become a better blogger. You need to do many other things that help you become a blogger who gets followed by many other bloggers.

Branding is something that you must work on because once you have built a solid brand online; you naturally become a better blogger.        

How to build a brand for you might be the next question, right?

Here is how:

  • Choose the niche you are expert in or interested in.
  • Stick to your niche.
  • Always share something useful on your social profiles.
  • Send freebies to your subscribers.
  • Network with the experts in your niche.
  • Always be ready to help the needy.
  • Share your achievements on your blog.
  • Become an author on big sites like,,, etc.

The things mentioned above may help you well to build a good brand for you which will further help you become a better blogger.

2. Create killer content

You will find thousands of bloggers who keep on posting multiple blog posts a day without caring much about the quality. This is the reason that they are just the ‘normal bloggers’, and not the ‘better bloggers’.

A better blogger devotes his most of the time in creating killer content. Killer content means the content that is written after doing a thorough research. It contains facts, vital information, and no grammatical mistakes. In short, content that gives the best reading experience to the readers.

Content creation is the most important task of a blogger. Thus, if you are able to create a masterpiece every time you write, then gradually more people and other bloggers start following you.

Don’t rush to publish so many articles in a day. Make sure to deliver excellent content every time you write for the readers.  This is one of the most important steps you must take to become a better blogger.

3. Follow a schedule for posting on your blog

A better blogger always follows a schedule of blog posting. It’s up to you whether you post every day or three posts in a week or just one post in a week, whatsoever you do, just follow that religiously.

I too want to become a better blogger, and I have been following the schedule of publishing 1 article every Tuesday.

4. Respond to messages, comments and queries


Whether you get some messages via the contact form or get comments on your blog, always respond.

If you don’t respond properly, people feel ignored which leads to negative impact on your credibility. So, it’s better to respond.

Even if you get some negative comments, do respond positively and handle the situation in a good way. If someone wants to ask something that you are an expert of, then also try replying them with some real solutions.

This one of the signs of the better blogger. So, keep doing it and become a better blogger gradually.

5. Read everyday

Reading gives you the knowledge, and knowledge is what takes you to the next level. Thus, read something every day. I would recommend reading the blogs in your niche every day. Make a schedule of reading one or two articles every day.  Also, try reading some books written by experts of the niche you are working on.

Reading doesn’t mean to read anything you find online rather you must read the content from experts so that you will learn many new things that you can implement to make yourself a better blogger, and you can improve your own blog as well.

When you read blog posts, do leave thoughtful comments on each so that you will be able to build healthy relationships with the authors of those blog posts, and also get some good relevant traffic to your blog.

Final words

Apart from above mentioned things, you can do so many other things that you think can help you well for betterment of your blog such as re-purposing your older articles so that readers can get updated content with more information.

Becoming a better blogger is not an overnight thing. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get professional blogger label.

Start the journey of becoming a better blogger today by following the suggestions mentioned above.

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