Guide to Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best things a blogger can do to build a personal brand for himself.

What exactly the Guest Blogging is?

When you write a blog post for some other blogs other than yours, and in exchange, you get an author bio with a link pointing to your blog, then it is called a guest blog. And the process is called as Guest Blogging.

What do you get when you do this?

If your post gets published on a popular blog, then you get more exposure, branding, and quality backlink to your blog. It is more than expected by publishing one article.

Allow me to share a Guide to Guest Blogging so that when you are all set to start guest blogging, you would have the proper guidelines with you.

1. Find the blogs in your niche that accept guest posts

Doing a guest post on a different niche blog may not be much fruitful to you, so it’s better that you find those blogs that are similar to your niche and accept guest posts.

How to find such blogs?

There are many ways you can find such blogs, but the best one is using Google Search operators.

If you enter this search string in

“Internet Marketing” + “write for us”?

It gives you the results as :

The very first result is a list of more than 200 blogs that accept guest post in Internet marketing niche, and other results are of the “write for us” pages of different blogs which means they accept guest posts.

Isn’t it simple?

You can experiment with the search string by changing it to:

“Internet Marketing” + “submit a blog post”?

“Internet Marketing” + “Submit an article”?

“Internet Marketing” + “guest posting guidelines”?


You can try as many terms you think are useful to find the blogs that offer guest blog posts.

It’s an awesome and the best way to find such blogs easily.

2. Sending Emails for Guest posting Opportunity

Once you found out the list of blogs that accept guest posts, you need to contact them one by one. The very first thing you should do is to sort out the list based on engagement and traffic. Keep the blogs at top that has good traffic and engagement.

So you will have a sorted list. Now select the top 5 blogs, go to their write for us page, read the guidelines, and then contact them either by emailing or using the contact form.

Now the important thing is how you write the email or message so that the host blogger would be willing to accept your guest posting request.

In the email, start with praising that blog and blogger, and then share your ideas, and objectives. At the end say thank for reading the email. And yes, don’t forget to share the links to your previously done guest post on some good blogs.

I have just shared an idea; you can write better emails to impress, as most of the times those guest bloggers get accepted who write professional emails.

Note: Don’t send same email every time you send a guest posting request. Try writing personalized emails for each and every blog.

3. Select topics and Writing the Article

Suppose one blogger accepted your guest posting request, so the first work you have to do is to choose a suitable topic, and start working on the article. Make sure that the topic you are creating must not be already covered on the blog for which you are writing.

Put the best effort while creating the content because when you write for others, a different audience will read your article. Your goal must be to impress them with your article so that they get attracted towards your blog too which will result into more traffic to your blog.

Few things you should keep in mind while working on the content

  • Don’t add too many links to your blog in the article. Add only if it is relevant and very important.
  • Every blogger do interlink their blog posts, so better you do interlinking in the article by finding out relevant articles of that blog. It reduces the host blogger’s effort, and it builds up more trust and credibility.
  • Add images to support the content. Make sure that those images are free to use and add proper image credit to every image.
  • Send a well-written Author Bio along with the content. If there are any other requirements of the host blogger then do fulfil

4. Send your content to the host blogger

Now as you are done with the topic selection, content creation, and other jobs, it’s time to write another email to the host blogger in which you attach the article along with the author bio and the images.

After sending the content, don’t just get panic to get the blog post live quickly rather wait for the host blogger to make it live.

5. Promotion and Follow-up

Once your guest blog post goes live, put efforts to promote that on all of your social media profiles, and in blog communities.

Second thing, if that blog post will get comments from the readers then it is your duty to respond to comments rather than waiting for the host blogger to ask you to reply to comments. Keep following that blog post at least for 2-3 weeks so that you can engage with the readers in a better way.

Take it as opportunity to make some good friends, fans and readers to your blog.


Guest blogging is win-win for both the host blogger and the guest blogger. Whenever you want to do a guest post, choose the best blogs in your niche, write a killer article, and promote it heavily everywhere.

When you do above mention things with full enthusiasm, then you will notice that many good bloggers will start inviting you to write a guest post on their blogs because they know that you put great efforts on each of your guest posts.

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