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Blogging is awesome, and what make it even more awesome are the blog comments. Yes, when you publish an article on your blog, you always want to get as many comments on it because they show that people are taking interest in your content, and discussing their views.

Being a blogger, you also read many articles and post comments on them. But, do you know that writing comments is an art which you must learn to build better credibility in the blogosphere?

Writing anything in comments doesn’t make you a good commenter. I have noticed that many bloggers write 1 or 2 liner comments that are nothing to do with that particular content. You must avoid posting such type of comments.

In this blog post, I am going to discuss how to write better comments to become more influential.

I have jotted down 8 pointers that you ought to keep in mind while posting comments.

Without any more delay, let’s get on to those 8 pointers below:

1. Using Your Display Image

Do you like the comments from the people who have no image added?

At least, I don’t like to get comments from such people who don’t have their display image. Not only me, there is a big list of bloggers who really hate the comments from those who don’t have their image. It doesn’t look friendly or professional at all.

Make sure to add your image so that when you comment on some blogs, people start recognizing you which is good for building relationships and better credibility.

Adding a profile image is really easy. You just need to sign up on and add a profile image there. This profile image will show up on every WordPress powered blog. Just make sure that you have to use same email address while commenting that you used to sign up to

Isn’t it really simple?

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and add an image of yours at Gravatar to show your display image on WordPress blogs.

2. Use Your Full Real Name

Using your nickname in front of your friends and family is completely fine. But, when you are writing a comment on a blog post, always use your full real name.

It is a good commenting practice to use the full real name instead of fake names or short names.

3. Adding Links In Website Field And Not In The Comments

Look at the WordPress comment form below:

In this, you can see there are different fields for entering different stuff. There is a field “Website” which is to enter your site link. Thus, always put the link of your site in that box only.

Sometimes I get comments from various people who enter links in the “Comment” box which is very irritating. You must not do that unless it is very important.

4. Reading The Post Before You Comment

How does it feel when you get some comments that are written in general and that are nothing to do with your article?

For sure, it feels bad that people post comments without even reading the article. I don’t give a damn to such comments, and I show them the way to Trash. I am sure you might not like such comments too.

So, when you don’t like to get such comments on your blog posts, why should you post such comments on someone else’s blog posts? Make sense?

Always, read the complete blog post to understand what it is all about, and learn something from that. Then you should write a thoughtful comment on that post sharing your views and ideas. When you write after reading, your comment naturally become informative and interesting.

5. Write Something Useful

Always write comments that may create a good discussion over there or you can ask some questions that you want to ask rather than saying just “Great post, thanks for sharing” because it doesn’t add any value.

If you wish to share some of your views or experiences that relate to that particular topic, then you can do that too because it is something for good. Many people may find your comment informative and useful in some way.

I have seen many comments on many blogs where commenters have written the same thing which is written in the article. They just repeat the thing to make their comment look long enough to be approved.

This is really not a good commenting practice too because again this doesn’t add any value.

Therefore, always write something that is useful and can benefit others in some way.

6. Start With Salutation

Starting comment without salutation just looks unprofessional and less connecting. You should always start with proper salutation which looks better and directly connects you to the author of the article.

For example,

If you write a comment on my blog, you can write:

  • Hi Linda,
  • Hey Linda,
  • Hello Linda,
  • Dear Linda,

You must keep this small advice while commenting. You can notice on many blogs that comments without any salutation get no reply from the author in most cases. Therefore, do use salutation and experience the difference.

7.  Write a few words of Admiration

After the salutation part, write a few words to admire the author for putting efforts to write good content. A few words of appreciation make the day of the author, and you must do it because he/she deserves it.

Once this part is done, write the actual part of the comment which must be about the topic and your views, feedback, etc.

8. Don’t Write Too Short or Too Long Comments

Writing too short or too long comments is a bad commenting practice. Try writing comments not more than 200-250 words because they are more than enough.  Also, don’t write 1-2 liner comments because most of the times they don’t make sense. In some cases, they make sense when you need to ask something, and that cannot be written long.

My recommendation is to write at least 100 words every time you write a comment.

Pro Tip: After reading a blog post, look at the comments whether they are all long? If yes, add a comparatively short comment that still adds value. If all comments are short ones, do write a longer comment comparatively.

This helps you get noticed by other readers at the first glance. Try it!


Final Thoughts

There is so much importance of blog commenting in the blogosphere. You can build a solid personal brand by writing great comments. You must take care of the pointers mentioned above while you go for blog commenting.

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