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The Internet has become the most important part of our life as we use it all the time except during the sleep.? It has become a lifestyle which is being opted by the people of all ages.

You can check emails, read the newspaper, check exam results, search for information, chat with your friends & relatives, and can do many other things on the Internet.

Almost all kind of information you can get on the Internet. These all seem to be great but to me, the best thing it offers is the numerous opportunities to make money online using various ways and techniques.

Gone are the days when people only focused to get a 9-5 day job, nowadays, trend has been changed, and people are opting for either online entrepreneurship or offering online services. These give them ease to work while sitting in their armchair at home.

Make money through online survey is one of the legitimate ways.

Yes! Surveys!

It doesn’t require you to be an expert of anything rather you just need to be good in giving your opinion.

When I came to know about it, my first impression was like, . One more scam technique? but later when I dug deeper into it I came to know that you can make money through online survey?if you join only the genuine survey sites.

What exactly the online Surveys are?

Many of the big brands work hard on their products which can meet the consumer?s requirements but still they miss many things. That is the reason companies have started taking people?s view on their products. Once they have opinion from thousands of people, they analyze what issues are there in their products, what all are missing, and what they can improve. And on the base of analysis, they improve their products.

In many cases, these surveys give reasons to companies to launch new products which are even better than earlier, and can fulfill consumer?s requirements even in more efficient manner.

Though not all people want to spend their time filling out surveys, companies started to offer money to the people to share their honest opinion about their product so that more people come forward to take an interest. And where there is money concerned, people tend to give a try.

It’s not necessary to write only good words rather you get asked to give your honest feedback and opinion.

So how you can exactly make money through Online surveys?

The first thing, I would like to tell you that you may not be able to make thousands of dollars through online surveys though you can earn your pocket money. You cannot simply dependent fully on it.

  • The very first step you need to take is to search for authentic Survey websites. You can easily differentiate between a scam survey site and a genuine one because the genuine survey sites don?t ask for money or credit card details when you are joining them. They are absolutely free.
    On the other hand, scam sites might ask you for some entry fee, and credit card details.
  • Once you make a list of genuine sites, Sign up and fill your profile and other details carefully because companies send surveys as per your profile information. Avoid leaving options blank or filling inaccurate details.
  • Now, you will be getting surveys that you should complete. Don?t be inconsistent while taking part in the surveys you are assigned to. Be regular to get more surveys. If are not consistent, they might stop sending you further surveys.
  • Once you complete a survey then you get paid through your preferred payment modes.
  • If you are regular to work on surveys. Keep checking your emails to stay updated, so that you can take action instantly whenever you assigned a survey.
  • As you get asked to share your opinion in the surveys, enjoy answering the questions, and give your honest feedback and suggestions.

How to stay away from Scam Surveys?

  • As I mentioned earlier in the article that genuine survey sites don?t ask for any upfront fee or credit card details. So if any site is asking such things, just stop visiting that site.
  • Many survey scam sites don?t let you know the clear payment mode and other details. They keep many things hidden from you. Don?t join them.
  • Go to some complaint sites and search if there any complaints about the survey sites you are going to join.

I am sharing a list of 5 legitimate Survey sites:

  1. My survey
  2. Swagbucks?
  3. Valued opinions
  4. One poll
  5. Cash Crate

Few of these sites don?t allow users from India so I have made a list of 5 online survey sites for Indian users as well and those are given below:

  1. Global test market
  2. Star panel
  3. Panel place
  4. Spider metrix
  5. PanelPlace

Final Words

Internet has given us a platform to learn, teach, chat, play games, entertain, getting news, and many other things including money making potential then why only spend your time chatting with friends or strangers(which most people do), why not start making efforts and earn some cool cash?

I would again want your attention that it is not going to make you rich,but it surely can help you earn your pocket money.

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Having an online business or a blog, you always need Social Media Marketing to promote them well on Social Media because it is a vast market which you cannot simply avoid if you really want to succeed.

When we talk about Social Media, we may not forget Twitter as it is one of the most popular micro-blogging platforms among the crowd of big players in the industry.

Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms by Social media marketers for marketing and promoting their or their clients’ products, content, videos, etc.

You might know that tools and applications help you get most out of various platforms. You can do things manually but when you use various tools, your productivity and work effectiveness increase to a great extent.

Thinking about using tools for Twitter, I have gathered 10 Amazing Twitter Tools for doing Social Media Marketing. Check them out below:

  1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an awesome Twitter management tool. You can create columns for Direct Messages, Notifications, Activities, etc. The full list of columns that you can create is shown in below screenshot:

I love this tool as I get everything in a well-formatted manner in separate columns. Additionally, I can schedule tweets or send instant tweets using it. I don’t need to open the official as TweetDeck offers everything in a single dashboard. I love the Mention feature as I can create a column for it, and whenever I am mentioned in any tweet, I get the notification in that particular column.

Visit TweetDeck 

  1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most used and popular tools for Twitter management. The free version offers basic features, and the Pro version offers much more. You can manage an unlimited number of social profiles in Pro version whereas you can only use five social profiles if you choose the free version.

You can create Tabs in the form of columns. If you look at the above screenshot, you can see there are so many options out there which when you click you can see the stuff. Such as if I click on “Mention”, I can see all the tweets in which I was mentioned. You can Schedule multiple tweets to be published at the timings you set.

Hootsuite is very simple to use, and once you check out all the features, you will find it very easy to use. I am in love with this Twitter tool.

Visit Hootsuite

  1. Buffer

Buffer is another great tool for Twitter. You can connect your social profiles there and start posting on them using it. The free version has some limitation of adding profiles, but when you go pro, you get more.

The thing I love the most about Buffer is its Analytics. You can see the analytics of every Tweet you send. This is an awesome way to know how your Tweets or posts are performing.

You can schedule a tweet, and set the timings to send the tweet as many times you want. However, you should set the schedule carefully so that your followers don’t get annoyed by getting the same tweet multiple times a day.

Visit Buffer

  1. is an easy-to-use and a nice tool in which you can add your blog’s RSS feed as incoming route, and set it to publish on Twitter and other social profiles of yours.

When you set it, everything goes automatic. Now, whenever you publish and article on your blog, Dlvr gets it via RSS, and then route it to your social profiles such as Twitter to publish the post.

I love this tool for routing my feed to my Twitter account. The free version allows only five routes.


  1. Tweriod

If you know when your Twitter followers are more active or online, you can make most out of Twitter by tweeting at the same time. Right?

Tweriod is a superb tool that does this task. It lets you know the best time to tweet, and thus, you can schedule your tweets accordingly. Once you authorize your Twitter account with Tweriod, it starts analyzing your account and followers automatically.

It sends the notification once the analysis is ready. Go try out this tool and get most out of your Twitter marketing.

Visit Tweriod

  1. Socialoomph

Socialoomph is a great Twitter tool for increasing productivity because it has the features that most of the Twitter tools don’t have.

With Socialoomph, You can schedule tweets in bulk, Schedule reoccurring tweets for sending the same tweet, again and again, create self-destructive tweets, delete all DMs(Direct Messages) at once.

I love its all features, but the deleting DMs at once is a great feature. I have been deleting all the DMs one by one that was taking a lot of my time, but with this, I can delete them all at once. WohoOo!

Visit Socialoomph

  1. is a nice Twitter tool that lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single dashboard. It does have some impressive features that you would love to try out.

Features of

  • Manage Your Twitter Relationships in a whole new and creative way.
  • Keep an eye on your influencers & customers.
  • Free Twitter Analytics.
  • Manage multiple Twitter
  • Automatic tweet scheduling.
  • It suggests the best influencers and other Twitter users to follow.
  • It suggests you what to tweet that helps you get better engagement on your tweets.
  • You can send a thank you message to every new follower automatically. is indeed an excellent tool that helps you build and engage a community around you.


  1. Triberr

Triberr is a superb Twitter tool to increase your reach on Twitter. This tool was gone viral after its launch as bloggers loved the concept. You can join various tribes in which you find like-minded people. Now, route your blog’s RSS feed to it, and the posts will be posted on it, and your tribe members will see them.  When you start using it, you get to know Triberr more. So, stop waiting, and sign up today.

Visit Triberr

  1. TwitterFeed

Twitterfeed is a good tool and much like which you can use to automate Tweeting. All you have to do is to add your blog’s RSS feed into the tool and set your Twitter account so that as you publish a post on your blog, that will be tweeted on your Twitter account via TwitterFeed automatically.

Whether you want to show the title of the post or link, you can customized the settings easily. This is a very simple yet an effective tool. You can also do content curation using this tool by setting your favorite blog’s RSS into it.

Visit TwitterFeed

  1. is not just a URL shortener tool, but it offers a lot more. As you sign up for it, you own a free account, and in the dashboard, you can set your shorted links to share on multiple Twitter accounts. You also get the analytics of all shortened link so that you get to know which links performed well and which performed poorly.

You may create a custom short domain to match your blog or brand for better branding as well.


Final Words

Twitter is a great social site with the massive user base, and as you know, that promoting your content where people are hanging out is the best marketing tactic. So, Twitter is a superb place for marketing and promoting your content, services, or products.

These 10 above-mentioned Twitter tools can be boon for your Social Media Marketing Strategies.

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Everyone who wants to sell something online does Email Marketing. It has come a long way in the recent years. There are many popular Email Marketing Tools that offer a lot of options to customize your emails, design it like a pro, etc. But, one thing that still the most important one is the Plain Text. Yes, no matter how well your email template is designed, no matter which popular tool you are using, if your email text is not well written your subscribers will stop opening your emails, and probably they may unsubscribe.

Therefore, you must have to focus more on writing compelling emails as at the end it does the main work of grabbing the attention of your subscribers and solving some of their purposes.

Today I am going to talk about how you can write compelling emails that your subscribers would like to read.

Below are 5 ways to write compelling emails

  1. Write an eye-catching Subject

The most important part of an email copy is the Subject because when your subscribers receive your email, they see your name and the email subject at first. If the subject line is tempting, they do open the email otherwise your email may be sent to trash as it happens with most of the marketing emails.

The subject line should be short and explanatory. If you are writing an email to sell something on the occasion of Christmas, you can write like:

35% discount on your favorite Teddies


X’mas sale: 35% discount on your favorite Teddies.


Buy teddies on 35% discount


Buy Teddies on 35% discount on X’mas

Subject line must have the most important thing of your offer. And, as you are offering 35% discount on all Teddies you sale, then about this discount must be mentioned in the subject line because this is what make people open your email.

Always, write eye-catching, attention grabbing email subject for the better open rate.

  1. Personalize your Emails

When you send your email to all your subscribers, don’t write “Dear Subscribers” or something that seems like you are sending the email to a vast number of people. Try to make your emails personal as you are sending an email to one person. There are many email marketing tools that help you display name of every subscriber in salutation that is nice. Also, keep the language in a way that you are writing to one people. Write in the second person by using “You”, “Your”, “Me”, “Us” because this is the simplest way to give your email a tone of friendliness.

Look at the two emails written below:

Download the free product using the link below.

Your free product is now available, and ready to download. You can download it using the link below.

Which one looks friendlier?

Of course the second one as it personally inviting the subscriber to get the free offer.

  1. Accuracy

When it comes to writing, I always recommend writing the correct language with accuracy because grammar or typing mistakes make your write-up unprofessional that can put bad impression on your audience.

I have been writing normal and sales emails as well recently, and being a human being, I have been making mistakes as well. Thus, I grabbed the Grammarly’s Chrome extension that helps me correct basic errors while writing. You can buy Grammarly premium if you want to get more features.

If your write your email in Microsoft Word the premium version of Grammarly will suit you the best as it offers an add-on for Word that checks for all errors within the document. You can correct the errors instantly.

This tool helps you write error-free emails that put a good impression on your subscribers.

  1. Prefer talking about Subscribers’ benefits

I receive many marketing emails, and I see most of them talk about features of the product they are selling. But, a very few speak of the benefits that give me a fair idea of how that product will help me.

Write about the benefit that users will get from te product because it makes more sense than talking about the features. Suppose I have to sale Long Tail Pro Keyword tool, and if I write only the features in the email like:

“Long Tail Pro features:

  • Global Search of keywords.
  • Local Search Of keywords.
  • Average Keyword Competitiveness.

“Buy it today at 20% discount.”

Then do you think it looks compelling, or the subscribers will get interested in the product?

But, if I write the email as:

Find out the most profitable and easily rankable keywords using Long Tail Pro. Buy it today to avail 20% discount!

Isn’t this email seems to be more explanatory even I haven’t written any features into it because subscribers would like to read the profit first? They can check the features once they decide to buy. So to make them decide to buy, you need to tell them the benefit they get if they buy the product. Exactly I have done in the second email above.

  1. Use a clear CTA

Your email must have a clear CTA because this is what makes users take an action. There are many action words that you can use for writing CTAs such as:

  • Buy
  • Signup
  • Get

And, if you add words that show the users’ benefits such as “Free” then your CTAs work even better.

If you use HTML emails, then your template should have clear CTA buttons.

In the above HTML email example, the selling point is to show the deal to the users. So that, View Deal button is prominently showing that tempts users to click to view the deal.


Everyone is doing Email Marketing, but not everyone writes the compelling email copies. Thus, there are more failure rates than the success.

If you write better email copies, you can increase your conversion rate to a great extent.

Your emails should be right to the point and focused on talking about the benefits of users, and must have the clear and compelling CTAs.

These 5 ways may help you well to write compelling emails that convert.

Share your tips and ways for writing great emails

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