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Blogging is one of those things that improved my overall persona, and that is why I like it so much. It is not only useful for personal improvement, but it can be used as a marketing tool to make high profits in your business as well.

In this blog post, I am going to talk why is blogging so powerful. You will learn the benefits blogging offers to both at personal and professional level.

First, I would like to talk about how powerful it is to improve you at personal level effectively.

Improvement in Writing: Though, I am from an English speaking country, writing has been a challenge for me since the inception. When I was introduced to blogging, I found hard to write better content. I used to write smaller ones with comparatively lesser information that you can find out when you check out my older articles.

Many a times when we write long articles, many sentences look off the track due to lack of experience. I am noticing that I have improved a lot, and I can write longer content without having any sentences that look off the track. However, I am not yet perfect and need more improvement. But, Improvement is there, and that is all because of blogging.

Improvement in Networking Skills: Before I plunged into blogging, I was a person who didn’t know how to connect and be friends with people. When I started blogging, I have learned to speak directly to hundreds or thousands of people through my blog posts. I have learned to talk to different bloggers by commenting on their blogs. I have also learned how to respond to the people’s query by replying to the comments on my blog posts.

By doing these, I have made many friends online. I have very healthy relationships with these online friends. It is also because now I have the sense and attitude of networking with different people from different corners of the world.

Developed Confidence: Confidence is the thing that I think everyone should have in order to taste success. When I was not blogging, I haven’t felt so much confidence in me ever, but when I started writing posts, interacting with people, and getting appreciations, I have begun to develop so much of confidence in me.

There are endless benefits I have gained and will constantly be gaining from blogging. These are just a few most significant improvements I have noticed in me since I have started blogging. Therefore, I can say that it is very powerful, as I hadn’t seen an improvement in these areas even after many motivations and inspiration. But, Blogging did it within a year just naturally.

This is how I am growing up personally with the power of blogging. Now, let’s have a look how blogging can be used as a powerful marketing tool for business.

Integrate a business blog to your business website:

According to Hubspot, companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all.

As you can see, companies that do blogging, and publish around 15 articles get 5 times more traffic. Therefore, it is quite a great idea to start a business blog right now if you have an online business.

Apart from the traffic, you can also stay connected to your customers and audience via the blog. You can get feedback and suggestions from your audience more effectively via the blog.

You can also write blog posts about your products time to time get a maximum number of people on to your blog, and then on the product page.

You can do various things to grow the business through the blog such as you can run contests, give free tips and tricks related to your products, answer to their queries in more efficient manner.

Educate the audience to drive the interest in your product:

You can use your blog to write something that increases the audience interest in the kind of products you offer. Suppose you have a course that teaches How to improve traffic by 200% in a month? And you have added the product to your business site that gets comparatively fewer traffic.  Now, if you want you can use your brain, then you can sell this product using your blog.

How is it possible?

You just need to write an article that should have title something like,

Do you want to improve your site’s traffic instantly?

Are you not getting enough traffic? Here is how you can improve.

Now, you can see that most of your readers may be interested in the subject because who doesn’t want to get enough traffic to their sites?

In that article, write about the tips. But, don’t write the whole ideas and tricks. And at the end, give a link to your course saying that this course teaches you the same we are discussing about.

Not every time the idea gets successful, but most of the time it helps you make some sales.

Showcase your Talent:

You must have seen many service providers create different sites to show up their skills, talent, and previously done works. But, if you don’t want to do the same thing, your blog can help you.

Suppose you are a writer who seeks good writing clients. You can always show your blog to the clients to display your work. Also, it helps you get more client as people have a positive vibe that those who run a blog can be an excellent service provider as they are hard working. They think like that because your hard work shows off on your blog.

Being contacted by popular companies and professionals:

I am too new to be approached by big companies and professionals. But, I have seen many of my blogger friends are being contacted by big companies for attending events, writing their reviews, and for multiple business offers.

That is great! Companies spend a lot to make great contacts, and here you get those great contacts just by blogging that is enjoyable at the same time.

Final Words

Blogging is very powerful, and that not only I am saying, but the facts and information I have shared in this post say as well. Therefore, if you want to grow yourself well online, start a blog. If you want to multiply your business profits, start a blog.

Happy Blogging!

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Blogging is a full-time job like any other job, and that is why you have to be very serious about your productivity and quality of work.

When we talk about productivity and quality, we think of some excellent tools that help us do our day to day tasks easily and more effectively. As we all know there are many different tasks we bloggers need to carry out every day, we need some tools that can improve our productivity, speed, and overall work quality.

Thinking of such tools, I have prepared a list of 10 best blogging tools for bloggers which I am listing below:

  1. WordPress

When we talk about blogging, the first thing comes to our mind is which platform to choose from WordPress, Blogger or any other.

Without any confusion, I would recommend using WordPress as your blogging platform.

The reason I am keeping WordPress in the list of best blogging tools is it is more than awesome, and it offers a range of features absolutely for free. You can make a great blog by using WordPress. When you buy domain and hosting, the first thing, you have to do is to get your website or blog developed which costs too much. But, WordPress makes everything easy by offering a full-fledged Content Management System free of cost.

Huge number themes and plugins are available to use with WordPress, and they make this CMS the best in business.

The setting up of a blog using WordPress is just a few minutes task, and the best thing is you don’t need any coding knowledge.

This is indeed the best blogging tool for every blogger out there.

Visit WordPress

  1. Canva

A blog is good when the content posted on it is killer and looks attractive because of interesting images added to it.

So, how to get the attractive and interesting images?

Canva is one of the best and most used online tools to create awesome images for your blog posts. There are beautiful templates available that you can use as bases to create your own designs.

It is a must use blogging tool for every blogger who wants to make his/her blog look beautiful and more professional.

Visit Canva

  1. Google Analytics

To grow your blog, you need to know the pattern of traffic such as

From where the traffic is coming?

Which source is sending more traffic?

Which posts on the blog are getting most of the hits?

When you know all these details, you can offer more relevant content to target the audience in a far better way.

Google Analytics is a superb free tool that you can use to track all of these data, and even more. It’s a must have blogging tool to use. When you use it, you can tap its potential.

Visit Google Analytics

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research is very important if you want to build organic traffic for your blog, and to do it a keyword research tool is required. Google offers Google Keyword Planner tool that works quite well. However, it only gives you the Global and Local search volumes. It doesn’t tell you the organic competition of the keywords. There is a column of competition there in the tool, but that is not organic. That competition is for Adwords advertisers.

Therefore, once you get a good list of keywords with fair search volume, you can analyze the competition manually, or you can go for other tools like Long Tail Pro or SEMrush.

At the basic level, every blogger should use Google Keyword Planner to find out searchable keywords.

Visit Google Keyword Planner

  1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that you can use to display social sharing buttons on your posts and pages. By far, I found this plugin the best social sharing plugin. It is a paid tool, and I would highly recommend this because it has many useful features that not any social plugins offer.

I am using Social Warfare on this blog, and results are quite good.

Visit Social Warfare

  1. GetResponse

Email Marketing is indeed a required job for bloggers to build a targeted email list that may buy from them later on. Yes, having a good email list is very beneficial for increasing your affiliate or own product sales.

GetResponse is the best email marketing tool that I can recommend to everyone. Though there are big players such as Mailchimp and Aweber doing quite well, I would recommend only GetResponse because I am using it and the experience is great.

Visit GetResponse

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO is an important practice for bloggers because a better search engine optimization ensures better organic traffic.

Yoast SEO Plugin offers various options to optimize your posts, and you can also add custom Meta title and description for each post.

This is the best SEO plugin for WordPress, and you must use it.

Visit Yoast SEO Plugin

  1. Grammarly

Being a blogger, it is our duty to write error-free content. We must proofread our content 2-3 times to make sure that there are no errors left in it. But, even after checking a few times, we leave small typos and other mistakes. Therefore, having a tool for proofreading is an added advantage as it quickly marks the errors.

Grammarly is the best tool to check grammar, spelling, and typo. Thus, it works quite well as a proofreader, and additionally, you can also check content for plagiarism.

This is a must have tool for every blogger and writer.

Visit Grammarly

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs is not a blogging tool primarily but as a blogger, you can make most out of it by keeping your written content on the cloud. If you get content from writers, you can ask them to share on docs so that you don’t need to send them an email about changes. You can just give Edit Suggestions on the Doc itself, and your writer will edit in the same file. He doesn’t need to send via email.

Even when you have to send a guest post to some blogger, you can just create a doc over there, and enter that blogger’s email to share the doc with him.

I really enjoy working with Google Docs, and I consider this as a great blogging tool for everyone. Keeping the data in the cloud is safe as well because when computer system gets broken, we may lose the data.

Visit Google Docs

  1. Readability Test Tool

A Readability Test Tool ensures your content is easily readable for most of the people. You can check your content using this tool to ensure that the readers won’t find your content difficult to read.

If the test shows your content is hard to read, then you can edit it to make it more readable.

This is a must have tool for every blogger. But, sadly very few are actually using it.

Visit Readability Test Tool


Blogging tools are crucial for improving the work quality, productivity and work speed. I am sure you will find these tools quite handy to use.

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I have been blogging for around 3 years now, and what I have learned over the time is if you want to make some cash out of your blogging efforts, you need to know the proper monetization methods.

In early days, blogging was a hobby, but now it is turning out to be one of the best online businesses that many online users seek to start. Therefore, if you are putting a lot of efforts on your blog, you must know the ways to make money out of it.

There is an enormous list of advertising programs for blogs that a blogger can use. But, you don’t know which one will work well for your blog. Yes, not all monetization ways or programs work for every blog.

A particular Advertising program can work well for your blog. But, it may or may not work for some other blog. That is why you should know the best monetization methods for your blog to earn profit.

In this post, I am sharing a list of 6 ways to monetize your blog to make money. These ways are the ones that are being used by a large number of bloggers as these are highly profitable, and they work well with almost all niches.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the list of those monetization ways and their details below:

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

Though I am yet to start monetizing my blog with PPC Advertising, I can say this is the best and the most preferred way to make money from your blog on regular basis. The basic idea of such programs is that you add banners and link ads on your blog. You get paid for every click made on those ads. That is why it is called Pay Per Click as you get paid for every click. I visit so many blogs every day to read interesting articles. I find most of the blogs are monetized with some PPC Ads.

You need a good amount of real traffic to your blog to earn a considerable amount of money out of PPC ad programs. Earning also depends on the geographic location from where you are getting clicks on your ads. Countries like USA and UK have higher CPC than other countries. That means if you get clicks from these countries, you get better earning. Therefore, it is very important to target the countries which CPC is quite high.

Examples of PPC Advertising Program:

  1. Adsense
  2. Infolinks
  3. Chitika
  4. Clicksor

There are many more such PPC ad programs that you can use on your blog. Adsense by Google is the most popular and the best PPC advertising program as compared to others.

2. Affiliate Marketing

PPC advertisement is the one that newbies get started with. However, both newbies and experienced bloggers use it. But, when you come to the real business, you cannot rely only on PPC ads. You need something else too that can get you some huge money from your blog.

That Something can be Affiliate Marketing because it is an excellent monetization technique that if you do right, you will make huge income on a regular basis.

What actually is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a monetization way in which you promote someone else’s product, and when that product gets sold, you get a commission. There is a tracking link you get from your merchant for each product, and you need to promote the product using that link so that the clicks and sales may get tracked easily.

Amazon Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate programs out there that you can join to promote various products on your blog. CJ, ClickBank, Shareasale, etc. are the affiliate management sites that you can join, and find the products and merchants of your niche.

To earn well from Affiliate Marketing, you need huge amount of targeted traffic and good credibility in your niche. You can promote products by showing banner ads, or writing product reviews on your blog. There are more chances of getting sales when you have good credibility online because when people trust you, they will tend to buy from you.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best monetization ways for high traffic blogs.

3. Direct Advertising

Though PPC and Affiliate Marketing are the great ways to monetize blogs, direct advertising is really lucrative one too.

When you directly deal with advertisers either for banner ads or reviewing some products on your blog for a fixed cost, it is called Direct Advertising. To get direct deals, you need to add an Advertise page on your blog with all the details of advertising so that advertisers can get information from there, and contact you if they are interested.

I find this interesting and more lucrative than any other monetization method. But, the thing is, your blog needs to be very popular and gets a high amount of traffic to grab the advertisers’ attention.

4. BuySellAds (BSA)

BuySellAds is a nice advertisement program that you can use to monetize your blog. If your blog has huge impressions, you can earn a lot of money using BSA.

Once your blog starts getting good traffic, apply for BSA. Once approved, follow the process it suggests and install their code on the blog. So that blank ad boxes will start showing on your blog. And, those blank ads’ impressions will be calculated and shown on your blog’s profile on BSA. Now, if any advertiser is interested, he can pay and buy the space from there only. You get an email notification about the same, if you are okay with the ad, approve it, and it starts displaying on the blog. Alternatively, you can reject particular ads as well.

Did I forget to tell you that for each ad boxes you can keep prices as per your wish.

You get the payment from BSA. The bad thing is that they keep huge commission with them i.e. 25%. But, you can earn huge using this method if you have some awesome traffic stats for your blog.

  1. CPM Advertising

CPM Stands for Cost Per 1000 Impressions. This is also a type of Advertising in which you get codes from the advertising companies that you need to install on your blog. Once the codes are installed, ad banners start displaying. Now, impressions are counted, and you earn money for those impressions. If you have a huge number of user views on the blog, CPM is the best. For low traffic blog, it is not that profitable.

If your blog is getting more than 10,000 impressions every day, I would recommend using CPM ads.

  1. Create and Sell Own products

Creating own product is really a great idea to earn reoccurring income through your blog. When I say product, it may be anything. For example, you can write an e-book, and sell it on your blog.

But, you need to build credibility on that particular topic. Then only your book will perform better. If I am very good at Network Marketing, and I am a popular network marketer too then writing an e-book on network marketing can be profitable.

So, create the product related to your niche and sell it on your blog. There will be more chances of getting a good number of sales.


We all need money. Blogging can be a hobby, but if you can make money from your hobby, then it is simply great. Why not using these monetization methods to monetize your blog and earn some decent cash every month?

I am sure you will find these six ways of blog monetization useful. Share your thoughts in comments.

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Writing blog posts and publishing them on your blog are great but you don’t get happy until you get some really cool comments that build up some discussions on your posts.

When you publish a post and get comments from real bloggers and general people, you get a tremendous amount of motivation as it looks like people read your post, and they do like to discuss about it. After all, we all write for the audience, and when the audience doesn’t read, the efforts seem to be wasted.

Therefore, everyone who writes gets motivation when their content gets a good number of real comments. In short, blog comments are crucial for your blog posts, and even you should also comment on other blogs as it has immense benefits for you and your blog as well.

Though it is up to the topic and content, you still need to practice a few ways to get more comments on your blog posts. Just like the pointers you consider while commenting, there are tips that you must take into account and work on them to get more comments on your blog posts.

I am going to talk about those ways that you need to practice to get more comments!

10 Best Tactics To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts

  1. Write Interesting Content

This is the first advice everyone gives because readers mostly comment on the contents that are interesting. If you keep posting those stuff that no one wants to read, or they have already read them a lot of times, you will miss the chance to get comments.

Therefore, try to choose the interesting topics, and write them with a lot of factual information and statistical data. If you can write about some facts and stats, people are more likely to comment on the post.

Above all, your content must be something that people don’t find easily on the web. If you write about something that is already available on the internet everywhere, you will likely to get fewer readers. But, if you write on topics that usually not every blogger or publisher posts, then you will be able to grab more readers, and thus, more comments.

  1. Comment On Other Blogs

One of the best ways to get other bloggers’ comment on your blog is post comments on their blogs as well. Make a schedule of posting 5-6 comments every day, and religiously follow that. Don’t keep a big target for you because you don’t have to post comments only but you have to read all those blog posts first, and then post thoughtful comments. So, I would advise keeping five blog comments a day as your target from the beginning, and gradually you can increase the number if it looks comfortable to you.

When you post thoughtful comments on their blogs, they likely to reciprocate and visit your site, read your article, and then post comments.

That’s how reciprocation works! Mutual benefit! Isn’t it great?

Along with this, when you get comments from bloggers, look for their blog as well (if any), and try to read their blog and post comments.

Consistently doing these will give you more regular readers for your blog, and thus, the number of comments will increase too.

  1. Responding To Comments

I have advised you to reciprocate to your commenters by visiting commenters’ blogs, read posts, and write comments. Now, you must also respond to the comments you get on your posts as well.

Responding to comments is imperative because if you don’t reply, your readers may feel neglected, and possibilities are there that they don’t get back to your blog, and even they come to read, they don’t comment.

Therefore, to avoid this situation, appreciate and encourage your readers by responding to their comments.

This is a nice way to keep your readers stick with you.

  1. Socialize Your Blog Posts

Writing and publishing are not enough because you need to let people know that you have a new post on your blog. Then only they can see, and visit the new post, and probably they read full and comment too.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram are the best social sites where you can promote your blog posts just after you publish them.

  1. Reach Out

Reach out might take some extra effort, but this is worth. Reaching out to the right bloggers in your niche is good. You can just write them an email and talk about the content you have created. Ask them if they would like to have a look at the content, and wait for their responses. If you get replies from them, do send them the live link to the content. You can also request them for a link back from their future articles if they like it.

The bloggers, who show interest, would most probably read your content, and write comments as well.

This method really works!

  1. Use Commentluv’s ReplyMe Feature

I comment on a lot of blogs, but I get notification only from a few when my comment gets a reply. There are times I like to comment again as some responses need to be questioned or discussed. But, what if I don’t get any notification even my comment gets a reply? I surely won’t get back to the post as I don’t know whether my comment got any response.

Therefore, using the ReplyMe feature of Commentluv is good. Earlier ReplyMe plugin worked well for this but since that had not been updated over the years; Commentluv added ReplyMe as a feature into it. So, if you are a Premium Commentluv user, you must activate this feature which sends a notification to every commenter when their comments get answered.

This way you get more returning comments and discussions on your content.

  1. Ask Questions In The Content

Though most of the content on the web are written to educate people, you can still ask some creative questions within the content or in the conclusion so that people will tend to comment more.

Photo Credit: Pexels

For example, if I am writing about iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7, then I may ask a question at the bottom of the post like:

So you read the features and comparison of both iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, which one you are going to get and why?

This way, people will tend to post their opinions, and thus the number of comments increases on your content.

  1. Create Controversy

If you are able to take a stand, you can write something controversial in your blog posts, and you will see a huge flow of comments coming to your post.

It’s tested method to get more comments! But, make sure when you do this, you have to be rigid on what you have said in the content.

  1. Reward the Commenters

Everyone loves to get some rewards, and if you can do something like a check mark or featured comment to the best commenter, you will start getting more comments, and even better ones as everyone will want to get that featured comment reward.

Disqus commenting system had introduced the Featured Comment feature, and it’s awesome.

Photo Credit: Disqus

  1. Make The Commenting Easy

Don’t put any restriction or login authentication stuff for comments because these may distract your readers to leave comments. No one has so much of time that they will do a lot to leave a comment on your content. Therefore, keep it simple, and you will see more comments coming.

Over to you

These are my 10 best tactics to get more comments on your blog posts, and I am very sure that these will work for you too. Try these out, and share your experience.


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Blogging is awesome, and what make it even more awesome are the blog comments. Yes, when you publish an article on your blog, you always want to get as many comments on it because they show that people are taking interest in your content, and discussing their views.

Being a blogger, you also read many articles and post comments on them. But, do you know that writing comments is an art which you must learn to build better credibility in the blogosphere?

Writing anything in comments doesn’t make you a good commenter. I have noticed that many bloggers write 1 or 2 liner comments that are nothing to do with that particular content. You must avoid posting such type of comments.

In this blog post, I am going to discuss how to write better comments to become more influential.

I have jotted down 8 pointers that you ought to keep in mind while posting comments.

Without any more delay, let’s get on to those 8 pointers below:

1. Using Your Display Image

Do you like the comments from the people who have no image added?

At least, I don’t like to get comments from such people who don’t have their display image. Not only me, there is a big list of bloggers who really hate the comments from those who don’t have their image. It doesn’t look friendly or professional at all.

Make sure to add your image so that when you comment on some blogs, people start recognizing you which is good for building relationships and better credibility.

Adding a profile image is really easy. You just need to sign up on and add a profile image there. This profile image will show up on every WordPress powered blog. Just make sure that you have to use same email address while commenting that you used to sign up to

Isn’t it really simple?

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and add an image of yours at Gravatar to show your display image on WordPress blogs.

2. Use Your Full Real Name

Using your nickname in front of your friends and family is completely fine. But, when you are writing a comment on a blog post, always use your full real name.

It is a good commenting practice to use the full real name instead of fake names or short names.

3. Adding Links In Website Field And Not In The Comments

Look at the WordPress comment form below:

In this, you can see there are different fields for entering different stuff. There is a field “Website” which is to enter your site link. Thus, always put the link of your site in that box only.

Sometimes I get comments from various people who enter links in the “Comment” box which is very irritating. You must not do that unless it is very important.

4. Reading The Post Before You Comment

How does it feel when you get some comments that are written in general and that are nothing to do with your article?

For sure, it feels bad that people post comments without even reading the article. I don’t give a damn to such comments, and I show them the way to Trash. I am sure you might not like such comments too.

So, when you don’t like to get such comments on your blog posts, why should you post such comments on someone else’s blog posts? Make sense?

Always, read the complete blog post to understand what it is all about, and learn something from that. Then you should write a thoughtful comment on that post sharing your views and ideas. When you write after reading, your comment naturally become informative and interesting.

5. Write Something Useful

Always write comments that may create a good discussion over there or you can ask some questions that you want to ask rather than saying just “Great post, thanks for sharing” because it doesn’t add any value.

If you wish to share some of your views or experiences that relate to that particular topic, then you can do that too because it is something for good. Many people may find your comment informative and useful in some way.

I have seen many comments on many blogs where commenters have written the same thing which is written in the article. They just repeat the thing to make their comment look long enough to be approved.

This is really not a good commenting practice too because again this doesn’t add any value.

Therefore, always write something that is useful and can benefit others in some way.

6. Start With Salutation

Starting comment without salutation just looks unprofessional and less connecting. You should always start with proper salutation which looks better and directly connects you to the author of the article.

For example,

If you write a comment on my blog, you can write:

  • Hi Linda,
  • Hey Linda,
  • Hello Linda,
  • Dear Linda,

You must keep this small advice while commenting. You can notice on many blogs that comments without any salutation get no reply from the author in most cases. Therefore, do use salutation and experience the difference.

7.  Write a few words of Admiration

After the salutation part, write a few words to admire the author for putting efforts to write good content. A few words of appreciation make the day of the author, and you must do it because he/she deserves it.

Once this part is done, write the actual part of the comment which must be about the topic and your views, feedback, etc.

8. Don’t Write Too Short or Too Long Comments

Writing too short or too long comments is a bad commenting practice. Try writing comments not more than 200-250 words because they are more than enough.  Also, don’t write 1-2 liner comments because most of the times they don’t make sense. In some cases, they make sense when you need to ask something, and that cannot be written long.

My recommendation is to write at least 100 words every time you write a comment.

Pro Tip: After reading a blog post, look at the comments whether they are all long? If yes, add a comparatively short comment that still adds value. If all comments are short ones, do write a longer comment comparatively.

This helps you get noticed by other readers at the first glance. Try it!


Final Thoughts

There is so much importance of blog commenting in the blogosphere. You can build a solid personal brand by writing great comments. You must take care of the pointers mentioned above while you go for blog commenting.

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Nowadays becoming a blogger is an easy task, but becoming a better blogger is indeed a task that needs a lot of hard work, energy, consistency and patience. There are millions of bloggers out there online, but not all are the ones to be followed to learn something. On the contrary, there are thousands out of them are great ones like Darren Rowse, Patt Flynn, Jon Morrow, Neil Patel and others.

So, what these guys did that made them better bloggers whom everybody likes to follow?

No doubt! They must have worked very hard to reach to this level.

Do you want to be a blogger of that kind who is followed by thousands of other bloggers? Do you wish to be a better blogger?

If your answer is Yes, then this article is for you. Continue reading.

In this blog post, I am sharing the list of a few things you should do to become a better blogger.

Here goes the list:

1. Brand yourself

Writing & publishing articles on your blog is not enough to become a better blogger. You need to do many other things that help you become a blogger who gets followed by many other bloggers.

Branding is something that you must work on because once you have built a solid brand online; you naturally become a better blogger.        

How to build a brand for you might be the next question, right?

Here is how:

  • Choose the niche you are expert in or interested in.
  • Stick to your niche.
  • Always share something useful on your social profiles.
  • Send freebies to your subscribers.
  • Network with the experts in your niche.
  • Always be ready to help the needy.
  • Share your achievements on your blog.
  • Become an author on big sites like,,, etc.

The things mentioned above may help you well to build a good brand for you which will further help you become a better blogger.

2. Create killer content

You will find thousands of bloggers who keep on posting multiple blog posts a day without caring much about the quality. This is the reason that they are just the ‘normal bloggers’, and not the ‘better bloggers’.

A better blogger devotes his most of the time in creating killer content. Killer content means the content that is written after doing a thorough research. It contains facts, vital information, and no grammatical mistakes. In short, content that gives the best reading experience to the readers.

Content creation is the most important task of a blogger. Thus, if you are able to create a masterpiece every time you write, then gradually more people and other bloggers start following you.

Don’t rush to publish so many articles in a day. Make sure to deliver excellent content every time you write for the readers.  This is one of the most important steps you must take to become a better blogger.

3. Follow a schedule for posting on your blog

A better blogger always follows a schedule of blog posting. It’s up to you whether you post every day or three posts in a week or just one post in a week, whatsoever you do, just follow that religiously.

I too want to become a better blogger, and I have been following the schedule of publishing 1 article every Tuesday.

4. Respond to messages, comments and queries


Whether you get some messages via the contact form or get comments on your blog, always respond.

If you don’t respond properly, people feel ignored which leads to negative impact on your credibility. So, it’s better to respond.

Even if you get some negative comments, do respond positively and handle the situation in a good way. If someone wants to ask something that you are an expert of, then also try replying them with some real solutions.

This one of the signs of the better blogger. So, keep doing it and become a better blogger gradually.

5. Read everyday

Reading gives you the knowledge, and knowledge is what takes you to the next level. Thus, read something every day. I would recommend reading the blogs in your niche every day. Make a schedule of reading one or two articles every day.  Also, try reading some books written by experts of the niche you are working on.

Reading doesn’t mean to read anything you find online rather you must read the content from experts so that you will learn many new things that you can implement to make yourself a better blogger, and you can improve your own blog as well.

When you read blog posts, do leave thoughtful comments on each so that you will be able to build healthy relationships with the authors of those blog posts, and also get some good relevant traffic to your blog.

Final words

Apart from above mentioned things, you can do so many other things that you think can help you well for betterment of your blog such as re-purposing your older articles so that readers can get updated content with more information.

Becoming a better blogger is not an overnight thing. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get professional blogger label.

Start the journey of becoming a better blogger today by following the suggestions mentioned above.

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Traffic generation is necessary if you are running a blog or a website. A number of strategies are out there to generate traffic from different sources.

There are basically five types of web traffic, and that are:

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Direct Traffic
  3. Referral Traffic
  4. Email Traffic
  5. Paid Traffic

As it takes a lot of hard work and time to generate organic and referral traffic to a blog, I am writing about these two in this post today.

# Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic you get from search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. It is the most valued traffic as it proved to be useful for getting better ROI.

The strategy of generating traffic from the search engines is known as SEO [Search Engine Optimization].

In SEO, you actually work to rank your blog posts in search engines for some profitable keywords so that people who search those keywords in search engines, find your blog posts quickly, and they visit your site from there.

Getting the first page ranking for the good keywords is really a big challenge, but if you are doing everything with a positive approach then you may get good rankings.

SEO Task List:

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Creating killer content keeping keywords in mind.
  3. Writing Meta Titles and Descriptions.
  4. URL Optimization.
  5. Making use of Robots.txt.
  6. Broken link analysis.
  7. <H> Tag optimization.
  8. Image Optimization using Alt text.
  9. Optimizing page speed the blog.
  10. Making the blog mobile friendly.
  11. Link building.

SEO is classified into On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. On-page optimization is done on the blog, and Off-page optimization is done off the blog. In the above list, except the link building, everything comes under on-page optimization, and link building is off-page technique that helps you increase the trust of your blog in the search engines to get better ranking.

So if you want to generate massive traffic from search engines, you must have to take care of your blog’s SEO with the right approach.

# Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the traffic you get from any other website or blog other than your site and search engines.

Generating referral traffic is comparatively easier than the organic traffic, but getting massive referral traffic is indeed a big challenge.

All you need to do is to share your blog post links to different sites and blogs so that people click the link to come to your site.

Here is the list of things to generate Referral traffic:

  1. Blog Commenting.
  2. Guest Blogging.
  3. Social Media Marketing.
  4. Be active in the Blog Communities.

These are few good ways to generate a good amount of referral traffic to your blog. You just need to know that where the targeted audience are.

Suppose you have a long list of FB friends, who are not interested in online marketing, but still if you are sharing the links of online marketing blog posts then you are doing a blunder mistake, and you won’t get any quality traffic. Its like firing bullets in the air without aiming on the target.

So you must share your blog posts there where you find the audience who are actually interested in what you are sharing.

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There are millions of blogs, and more than thousands of blog posts are being published every second. has a page where they show the live stats of blogging activities that you can check here to know how vigorous the blogging activities are happening around the world. This simply means that the competition is fierce, and you can stand in the competition only if you have some extraordinary quality with a hard-working attitude.

If you don’t know how to grab people’s attention towards your blog, it might be lost in this immense crowd.

Therefore, it is important to learn the way to attract more people to your blog, and then hold them for long as well. Just getting people on your blog is not very tough, but keeping them engaged for long is indeed the tough job.

Today I am here to share a few tips that help you learn how to capture your Audience:

# Be a bit personal

People love to read personal experiences and success stories. Share your small success stories and your own experiences as they help your audience know you better. And, once they know more about you, they are more likely to listen to your ideas and suggestions.

Being personal may help you significantly to attract more audience, and you will notice more engagements on your blog as well.

# Write Better Headlines

Grabbing the audience attention is crucial, and headlines are the very most helpful stuff for it.

Attractive headlines grab more eyeballs, and you get more traffic to your blog posts. This is the best suggestion one can give you to capture your audience’s attention quickly.

# Write attractive Introduction

Once you get the audience on your content page by using compelling headline, then your work is to create more curiosity in them in order make them stay on the page and read the whole content. So, when you create content for the audience, ensure that the introduction part is written in a way that it can arouse the curiosity. It should reveal a bit about the whole content, but that must not display the entire thing because it can kill the curiosity factor.

Therefore, always spend more time writing the introduction part of your content.

# Make use of Visual Content

Textual content is imperative and should be drafted in a way that it captures the minds of the audience, but using visual content like images and videos can help significantly by getting more attention from them.

Many people don’t like to read every word and phrase you write rather they want to get a quick idea about the content that you can offer them by adding some visual elements like infographics, quick videos, or self-explanatory images.

These visual elements surely help you capture your audience mind to a good extent and let them stay longer on your blog.

# Share Case Studies

One of the best ways to capture and hold your audience for longer on your blog is to share case studies. Case Studies are usually the real life experiences of something, and they are compiled systematically. For example, if you tried to rank your blog for a keyword, and you have implemented various techniques to achieve the same. And, finally, after a month, you get the positive results.

Now if you write the content mentioning everything you thought and did to make that happen, then that is called Case Study. Such case studies are fascinating, and people love to read it with full concentration.

Therefore, always share some case studies on your blog to capture your audience’s attention.

# Create stories

People love stories. You can capture your audience completely by creating stories in your content. When you create content, there are times when you need to give examples. You can share small stories to define that as an example, and you will notice that your audience is engaging more on the blog.

As a reader, I too love to read stories because every story teaches something in a different way that is what I like the most.

Final Words

Capturing your audience is important because if you don’t do it, someone else will do it, and you will lose the competition. Therefore, you need to work in a way that you stand out of the crowd to get noticed.

The ways mentioned above can help you to capture your audience efficiently.


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Guest blogging is one of the best things a blogger can do to build a personal brand for himself.

What exactly the Guest Blogging is?

When you write a blog post for some other blogs other than yours, and in exchange, you get an author bio with a link pointing to your blog, then it is called a guest blog. And the process is called as Guest Blogging.

What do you get when you do this?

If your post gets published on a popular blog, then you get more exposure, branding, and quality backlink to your blog. It is more than expected by publishing one article.

Allow me to share a Guide to Guest Blogging so that when you are all set to start guest blogging, you would have the proper guidelines with you.

1. Find the blogs in your niche that accept guest posts

Doing a guest post on a different niche blog may not be much fruitful to you, so it’s better that you find those blogs that are similar to your niche and accept guest posts.

How to find such blogs?

There are many ways you can find such blogs, but the best one is using Google Search operators.

If you enter this search string in

“Internet Marketing” + “write for us”?

It gives you the results as :

The very first result is a list of more than 200 blogs that accept guest post in Internet marketing niche, and other results are of the “write for us” pages of different blogs which means they accept guest posts.

Isn’t it simple?

You can experiment with the search string by changing it to:

“Internet Marketing” + “submit a blog post”?

“Internet Marketing” + “Submit an article”?

“Internet Marketing” + “guest posting guidelines”?


You can try as many terms you think are useful to find the blogs that offer guest blog posts.

It’s an awesome and the best way to find such blogs easily.

2. Sending Emails for Guest posting Opportunity

Once you found out the list of blogs that accept guest posts, you need to contact them one by one. The very first thing you should do is to sort out the list based on engagement and traffic. Keep the blogs at top that has good traffic and engagement.

So you will have a sorted list. Now select the top 5 blogs, go to their write for us page, read the guidelines, and then contact them either by emailing or using the contact form.

Now the important thing is how you write the email or message so that the host blogger would be willing to accept your guest posting request.

In the email, start with praising that blog and blogger, and then share your ideas, and objectives. At the end say thank for reading the email. And yes, don’t forget to share the links to your previously done guest post on some good blogs.

I have just shared an idea; you can write better emails to impress, as most of the times those guest bloggers get accepted who write professional emails.

Note: Don’t send same email every time you send a guest posting request. Try writing personalized emails for each and every blog.

3. Select topics and Writing the Article

Suppose one blogger accepted your guest posting request, so the first work you have to do is to choose a suitable topic, and start working on the article. Make sure that the topic you are creating must not be already covered on the blog for which you are writing.

Put the best effort while creating the content because when you write for others, a different audience will read your article. Your goal must be to impress them with your article so that they get attracted towards your blog too which will result into more traffic to your blog.

Few things you should keep in mind while working on the content

  • Don’t add too many links to your blog in the article. Add only if it is relevant and very important.
  • Every blogger do interlink their blog posts, so better you do interlinking in the article by finding out relevant articles of that blog. It reduces the host blogger’s effort, and it builds up more trust and credibility.
  • Add images to support the content. Make sure that those images are free to use and add proper image credit to every image.
  • Send a well-written Author Bio along with the content. If there are any other requirements of the host blogger then do fulfil

4. Send your content to the host blogger

Now as you are done with the topic selection, content creation, and other jobs, it’s time to write another email to the host blogger in which you attach the article along with the author bio and the images.

After sending the content, don’t just get panic to get the blog post live quickly rather wait for the host blogger to make it live.

5. Promotion and Follow-up

Once your guest blog post goes live, put efforts to promote that on all of your social media profiles, and in blog communities.

Second thing, if that blog post will get comments from the readers then it is your duty to respond to comments rather than waiting for the host blogger to ask you to reply to comments. Keep following that blog post at least for 2-3 weeks so that you can engage with the readers in a better way.

Take it as opportunity to make some good friends, fans and readers to your blog.


Guest blogging is win-win for both the host blogger and the guest blogger. Whenever you want to do a guest post, choose the best blogs in your niche, write a killer article, and promote it heavily everywhere.

When you do above mention things with full enthusiasm, then you will notice that many good bloggers will start inviting you to write a guest post on their blogs because they know that you put great efforts on each of your guest posts.

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We all know how tiring is to blog every day because it doesn’t consist of one thing rather it needs you to carry out many things on an everyday basis such as keyword research, writing blog posts, proofreading, publishing, promotion, commenting, etc.

Though most of us love blogging, it is still a tiring job, and we need to sit in front of our computers for longer hours to carry out these blogging activities.

You must have read or heard a lot that sitting kills which is somehow true as if you sit for longer, you are prone to getting many health problems such as low blood flow to your legs or throughout the body, back pain, Neck pain, and many other problems.

Since we all love blogging and are very passionate about it, we cannot give up on this. It does earn us money too. In such situation, we need to find the way to stay healthy while we blog.

I mean since we cannot leave blogging, we must need to learn to stay healthy while blogging continues.

Below are a few ways that help you stay healthy while you blog:

  1. Take Regular Breaks while Working

When you work on your blog(s) for a longer duration, you must take breaks in between to keep your body fresh and energetic. Taking breaks gives some relaxing time to your body which helps it to gain the lost energy.

Taking break means not just a break from the work but from the computer too. In the breaks, you can walk into your room or outside, drink some water, or can listen to music with closed eyes. These will help you rejuvenate your body.

To be exact, I would advise taking breaks of 20-30 minutes every after 2 hours of working. For example, if you sit to work for 10 hours, try to take such breaks after every 2 hours; it increases your work productivity since you are refreshed after every 2 hours. It also helps in avoiding eye strain as well. Our eyes need rest too.

Without such breaks, sometimes our mind stops working, and we start feeling bored too that affects our work productivity.

In short, sitting continuously for longer is not recommended thus do take breaks and stay healthy while you blog.

  1. Drink Water Regularly

When we are too busy in work, our mind stops thinking about other things, but our body needs some relaxing time and regular hydration as well. When you work in front of your computer, do keep a glass/bottle of water beside you, and keep drinking a small amount of water at regular intervals. To be exact, you can take 2-3 sips of water after every 20-30 minutes.

When you do this, your body gets the constant supply of water, and thus, the body doesn’t get tired so soon, and you can keep working for long hours. If you don’t drink plenty of water, your body runs out of water that may lead to many health issues.

Therefore, always keep a bottle or glass of water while working, and keep drinking it regularly.

  1. Maintain a Good Sitting Posture

No matter you are a blogger or any other person, as long as you work in front of a computer for long hours, you must maintain a good sitting posture because a bad posture can give you back pain, neck pain, and even leg pain.

Below is a diagram that says all about the right sitting posture for working on the computer.

I don’t need to explain much as this diagram is self-explanatory. If you want to get better insights about sitting posture, watch the video below:

I hope you know now what to do to correct your sitting posture while blogging.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Bloggers do work till late night for writing articles, driving traffic, and other blogging jobs which are great. But, don’t work like you won’t get another day. Make a schedule of your work, and try to follow it. Always keep 8-8.5 hours of sleep on your schedule. Never hinder your sleep because of work. Some exceptions may be there when you need to meet some deadlines. But, don’t make a habit of getting less sleep. Enough sleep is imperative because unless you sleep well, your body won’t be relaxed. Even you won’t feel fresh if you don’t have enough sleep.

Therefore to relax your body and work with fresh mind, enough sleep is imperative.

  1. Eat Healthy While Blogging

Many of us do have a habit of eating something while working, and to be exact most of the time we eat potato chips, salty snacks, sugary substances, or drinking soft drinks.

I would advise you to give up these foods because they don’t do any good to your health but do more bad to it.

Eat healthy and timely. Don’t keep eating random stuff while working. If you really feel like eating something then have something healthy to eat. You can keep fruits with you that you can eat when you feel hungry while working. And, to drink, replace soft drinks with fruit juices or milk.

A blogger needs to work very hard, and all the works they do are by sitting only. Therefore, eating high carb or saturated fats is not good for health as fewer calories are burnt while we keep sitting and thus, it can lead to obesity which further leads to more health complications.

  1. Do Regular Exercise

Every blogger needs to work out every day because while blogging most of the times bloggers keep sitting and working. That results in low blood flow throughout the body and also the chances of being obese increase too.

Therefore, exercise is crucial for bloggers to burn out calories, and improve blood flow in the body. Working out also keeps us fresh and energetic.


Wrapping Up

Health is Wealth. And, you must take care of it. Always prefer health over wealth because if you stay healthy, then you can earn more wealth. Bloggers are awesome creatures who work day and night to pursue their dreams of earning a considerable amount of money and getting success. They do need to take some time out from blogging and live a normal offline life too that may include exercising, socializing with people around them, playing some outdoor games, etc.

Above mentioned ideas are crucial for every blogger to maintain their health while they blog.

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