Benefits of Blogging for business

In the early years, blogging was a way to share views, suggestions, and feedback on specific topics. But, in recent years it has become a business tool that you can use to promote your business in an entirely new and effective way.

Many of my friends, who are running small businesses, have asked me whether blogging for business is profitable or just a waste of time. And, I always respond them with my answer, YES; blogging for business has many benefits.

Today, I would like to share a list of benefits that blogging has to offer for businesses.

  1. Boost Search Ranking

Before I explain anything, I would like to recommend that always put blog section on your business website only that will be in a directory ( It must not on a subdomain ( because that will be completely different site. Thus, it may not be much profitable.

Content is something that triggers search engines the most. Your business website may not be updated daily, weekly or monthly because it may have some fixed number of pages that stay on the site as it is. But, the blog gets updated every day or every week with fresh content. You get more opportunities to target profitable keywords to rank your business blog.

Also, you won’t usually see publishers linking to your business website without any profit. But, when you have a blog with killer blog posts, you can get more inbound links that give your blog and even overall site an SEO boost.

Better search ranking means better traffic on your blog and website which is great for business.

  1. Helps you stay connected with customers

Blogging significantly helps you stay connected with your customers by asking questions at the end of every blog post. That helps you get views, suggestions and feedback from the customers and audience. You can work on those suggestions and feedback to improve your business quality.

As blogging lets you keep the conversation going on with the customers and audience, trust and credibility factor of your business improve gradually.

It facilitates valuable discussion between you and customers that turns out to be good. Sometimes when they are stuck at something, you can solve the issue via comments, and those comments will be publicly displayed so later if someone else faces the same problem, he can take reference from there.

  1. It helps you convert your visitors into Leads

As you update the blog regularly, it gets more visitors compared to your main website. A blog post is just like a new page added to your website that gives you the opportunity to generate some leads.

You can implement a simple way to turn a few visitors into leads, and that you can do by adding lead generating call to action.

That call to actions can be for anything like asking the audience to use the trial version of some tool, offer free e-books, etc. Anything that you think your audience may be interested sharing their information like Name, email address, etc. for getting them.

You can later use those details to build an email list to them you can offer your products, and that list will be very effective.

If you don’t want to create an email list for now, you can simply add CTA buttons to sell something with some lucrative offers.

When I was browsing Hubspot, I could see every blog post has some kind of CTA. For example, while I was reading a post about holiday marketing plan there, I saw this CTA at the end of the post.

You can do something of this sort on your business blog to turn your blog audience into leads. So, a blog for your business can increase the opportunity to get more leads.

  1. Establish Authority in the Industry you are working in

Blogging is the best way to establish yourself as an authority and expert in the industry you are working in, as it gives you a great platform to share the relevant information, insights, views, and news related to that particular industry.

As you regularly update the blog with such information, people start trusting you that boosts your personal and professional brand.

Due to this trust factor, people will likely to buy from you rather than going anywhere else.

  1. Create Opportunities for social sharing

I have hardly seen someone sharing a business website’s page on their social profiles. But, I can see every hour different people are sharing so many blog posts.

Blog posts are informative which when people read, and find useful then they like to share the same with their friends as well.

Therefore, when you have a blog for your business, you naturally create a big opportunity for your business to get shared frequently on social sites.

More social sharing means more reach. And, more reach means more business profits.

Final Thoughts

Blogging for your business is one of the finest ways to distinguish your business from your competitors. I always recommend everyone to start a blog for business as it gives countless benefits. I have shared just the most important ones in this blog post.

I hope you liked the post. I am always open to getting your views, suggestions and feedback.

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