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Everyone who wants to sell something online does Email Marketing. It has come a long way in the recent years. There are many popular Email Marketing Tools that offer a lot of options to customize your emails, design it like a pro, etc. But, one thing that still the most important one is the Plain Text. Yes, no matter how well your email template is designed, no matter which popular tool you are using, if your email text is not well written your subscribers will stop opening your emails, and probably they may unsubscribe.

Therefore, you must have to focus more on writing compelling emails as at the end it does the main work of grabbing the attention of your subscribers and solving some of their purposes.

Today I am going to talk about how you can write compelling emails that your subscribers would like to read.

Below are 5 ways to write compelling emails

  1. Write an eye-catching Subject

The most important part of an email copy is the Subject because when your subscribers receive your email, they see your name and the email subject at first. If the subject line is tempting, they do open the email otherwise your email may be sent to trash as it happens with most of the marketing emails.

The subject line should be short and explanatory. If you are writing an email to sell something on the occasion of Christmas, you can write like:

35% discount on your favorite Teddies


X’mas sale: 35% discount on your favorite Teddies.


Buy teddies on 35% discount


Buy Teddies on 35% discount on X’mas

Subject line must have the most important thing of your offer. And, as you are offering 35% discount on all Teddies you sale, then about this discount must be mentioned in the subject line because this is what make people open your email.

Always, write eye-catching, attention grabbing email subject for the better open rate.

  1. Personalize your Emails

When you send your email to all your subscribers, don’t write “Dear Subscribers” or something that seems like you are sending the email to a vast number of people. Try to make your emails personal as you are sending an email to one person. There are many email marketing tools that help you display name of every subscriber in salutation that is nice. Also, keep the language in a way that you are writing to one people. Write in the second person by using “You”, “Your”, “Me”, “Us” because this is the simplest way to give your email a tone of friendliness.

Look at the two emails written below:

Download the free product using the link below.

Your free product is now available, and ready to download. You can download it using the link below.

Which one looks friendlier?

Of course the second one as it personally inviting the subscriber to get the free offer.

  1. Accuracy

When it comes to writing, I always recommend writing the correct language with accuracy because grammar or typing mistakes make your write-up unprofessional that can put bad impression on your audience.

I have been writing normal and sales emails as well recently, and being a human being, I have been making mistakes as well. Thus, I grabbed the Grammarly’s Chrome extension that helps me correct basic errors while writing. You can buy Grammarly premium if you want to get more features.

If your write your email in Microsoft Word the premium version of Grammarly will suit you the best as it offers an add-on for Word that checks for all errors within the document. You can correct the errors instantly.

This tool helps you write error-free emails that put a good impression on your subscribers.

  1. Prefer talking about Subscribers’ benefits

I receive many marketing emails, and I see most of them talk about features of the product they are selling. But, a very few speak of the benefits that give me a fair idea of how that product will help me.

Write about the benefit that users will get from te product because it makes more sense than talking about the features. Suppose I have to sale Long Tail Pro Keyword tool, and if I write only the features in the email like:

“Long Tail Pro features:

  • Global Search of keywords.
  • Local Search Of keywords.
  • Average Keyword Competitiveness.

“Buy it today at 20% discount.”

Then do you think it looks compelling, or the subscribers will get interested in the product?

But, if I write the email as:

Find out the most profitable and easily rankable keywords using Long Tail Pro. Buy it today to avail 20% discount!

Isn’t this email seems to be more explanatory even I haven’t written any features into it because subscribers would like to read the profit first? They can check the features once they decide to buy. So to make them decide to buy, you need to tell them the benefit they get if they buy the product. Exactly I have done in the second email above.

  1. Use a clear CTA

Your email must have a clear CTA because this is what makes users take an action. There are many action words that you can use for writing CTAs such as:

  • Buy
  • Signup
  • Get

And, if you add words that show the users’ benefits such as “Free” then your CTAs work even better.

If you use HTML emails, then your template should have clear CTA buttons.

In the above HTML email example, the selling point is to show the deal to the users. So that, View Deal button is prominently showing that tempts users to click to view the deal.


Everyone is doing Email Marketing, but not everyone writes the compelling email copies. Thus, there are more failure rates than the success.

If you write better email copies, you can increase your conversion rate to a great extent.

Your emails should be right to the point and focused on talking about the benefits of users, and must have the clear and compelling CTAs.

These 5 ways may help you well to write compelling emails that convert.

Share your tips and ways for writing great emails

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When we have started using computers, we used to save data on the hard drive of our computer, but what if you want to access your data when your computer is not with you? Isn’t it troublesome?

We have something amazing on the Internet that solves this problem in an easy way. Yes, I am talking about the Cloud Storage which we can use to store our data online that we can access from anywhere in the world. All you need is the Internet access to get access to the data.

Doesn’t it sound cool?

The best thing is if you want to share your data with your friends, then you can do that as well. You just need to authorize them to access the data you have in your cloud storage. I love this part because many a time when one of my friends ask me the download link of a software, and if I have the same software in my cloud storage account then what I do is to give them the access to the link where I have putted that software. They can easily download from there.

We just need to authorize them either by sharing or sending the link with the password. Different services have different ways to do this.

In this blog post, I am going to mention the 5 best Cloud Storage Services in 2015 that you can use to store your data online.

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage service by Google, and as I am a fan of Google products, I am keeping this first in my list.

You can store almost all kind of files and folders on Google Drive that you can access from anywhere with your Google Account. You can even share the stored data easily with your friends.

Apart from storing the data, you can even create, save and edit doc files, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

When I have to assign some task to my team, I create a spreadsheet, write down the work along with the team members’ names, and then share with them using their Google accounts. So simple!

It offers 15 GB space for free, and if you need more space then you will have to go for premium plans.

You don’t need to worry about how secure you content is because being a Google product, Drive enjoys the best security implementations.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox has been one of the most trusted cloud storage services among the crowd of other such services. It offers 2GB free space, but you can earn more space by referring your friends to it.

Many WordPress backup plugins send the daily backup to it without any problem if you authorize it. You can just create a folder there, and authorize it, give the folder path, and the plugin will keep sending the blog backup into that folder on Dropbox.

I am having a few free WordPress themes with me, and that I have put in my Dropbox so that whenever one of my friends ask for it, I give them the link with the password to access.

3. OneDrive

It was popularly known as Skydrive, but now they upgraded to a new name, OneDrive. It is a cloud storage service offered by Microsoft that offers 15 GB free space on the cloud.

Upload your data on OneDrive, and access from anywhere using either its app on your smartphone or the browser using desktop computers. Your data stays safe in OneDrive because it is very well secured.

4. iCloud

iCloud is a cloud storage service from Apple Inc. It was launched in 2011, and at present it has around 320 million users worldwide. It allows storing data like photos, documents, videos, songs, etc. You can later access it from anywhere using iOS, Macintosh, or Windows devices.

You should rest assured for the security concerns as it is an Apple product. It also provides the means to wirelessly back up the iOS devices directly to iCloud.

5. Box

Box comes with 15 GB free plan with an upload limit of 250 MB. If you are in need of more space, then you can subscribe to their premium plans that are aimed for business professionals.

Content on the Box is highly secured. It is trusted and collaborative as well.

Bonus: I have mentioned the 5 cloud storage services that I prefer. However, there are so many other such services available online. Few of them are Idrive, Adrive, Copy, etc.


So much space is available online so why are you still thinking how to send heavier data in email? Just upload on any of these services, and share with the person whom you wanted to send the data.

Cloud is the new way of file sharing. It is one of the most amazing things happened on the internet as it made our life so easier.

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There is so much noise in the online publishing world as thousands of articles are being published every day. So the question is what to do to stand out of the crowd, and drag more audience to your blog posts.

Headlines are like the nameplates of blog posts because they are identified when someone reads their headlines. Therefore, if you can write headlines that can attract more eyeballs then your CTR (Click Through Rate) will readily increase. High CTR means increased traffic, and that’s what every online publisher wants.

No matter how great is your blog post, if the headline is not provoking it is tough to get people to that post.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about the 8 tips that help you choose the best headlines for your blog posts.

1. Use the numbers

One of the most effective headlines you can write by using numbers. Because numbers deliver a sense of exactness.

For example,

10 best SEO strategies for more organic traffic
7 tips to write killer articles

There are no rules for choosing a number; you can just keep any number that you think is good for your article.

When people look at your headline, they get attracted because it is very common that people love to scan the content rather than reading every word. In most of the content that has a title with numbers have subheadings that are self-explanatory.

Therefore, due to the ease of reading the post, people easily get attracted to the headlines that include some numbers.


2. Use the WH question words

WH words are the interrogative words that are used by people to surf for information on the internet. Here is a list of WH words:

  • Who
  • Why
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How

Suppose you have to find about Nelson Mandela, as you don’t know anything about him, then what you will search in Google?

Probably your search queries will be like:

Who is Nelson Mandela?

What are Nelson Mandela’s contributions?

Take one more example,

If your website is penalized by Google Panda, then what will you search to find the solution?

Probably these:

What is Google Panda? How to avoid its penalty?

How to get rid of Google Panda Algorithm?

When did last Panda update happen?

How to keep my website safe from Google Panda?

Now you can see that most of the searches are with question words. So if you include these WH questions in your headlines, chances of appearing in the search engines will increase, and CTR will also improve.


  1. Be a bit Personal

Being personal while writing headlines can make your blog post very successful. I mean, relate the headlines with your own experience.

Below are a few examples,

How am I making 6-figure income every month?

Learn how I am able to rank my blog for every keyword.

People easily get attracted towards such headlines because they look like actual case studies of the strategies you have implemented to get the success.

  1. Use Controversial element

Controversial headlines increase the number of clicks to a great extent, but you must have justification for what you are claiming. If you can handle the controversy and criticism, then go ahead and write controversial headlines.

For example,

Why should you not buy iPhone 6?

Why considering Alexa Rank is useless?

Why is Google Adsense not the best ad program?

These types of controversial headlines draw people’s attention quickly.

  1. Use Power Words

There are many words that considered as powerful words because they quickly draw audience’s attention. Words like Free, wonderful, excellent, awesome, ultimate, secrets, etc. can work great if you use them wisely.

Suppose if you are writing an article in which you are mentioning a few things that helped you rank well in search engines, you can start the post title as “Secret SEO tricks that helped me rank on top page”.

Power words make great difference in CTR if you share the post on social media. When you share your article on social sites, the headline shows prominently over there. And if you have headlines that include power words, the CTR will go high.

  1. Take Care of Keywords

If you write for the web, you cannot ignore search engine traffic, and for that, you must have to do keyword research to find out the profitable keywords. Once you have the keywords with you, target one main keyword in the headline because it impacts the search engines to a bigger extent. It increases the chances to rank well in SERPs. Try to keep the keyword at the beginning of the Post title, and then use other words.

For example,

Link Building Strategies: A must read for SEO experts

5 Link Building Mistakes you must avoid.

In the above examples, Link building strategies and link building mistakes are the targeted keywords that I have put in the beginning. This is a tiny but the most beneficial SEO tip for everyone.

  1. Define what the article is all about

The headline of the post must not be something that audience cannot get an idea of what they are going to read. It should be self-explanatory so that when someone reads it, he can easily get an idea of what he will be reading in the article.

  1. Address your readers in the second person

To connect well with your readers, use the second person to address your readers. It’s like you are grabbing their attention by calling them directly.

For example, just look at the title of this blog post itself.

8 Tips to help you choose a headline.

10 things you should do today start making money with your blog.


Headlines are very important for your content. If you can write the best ones, you will be able to increase the CTR, and hence the traffic. I have mentioned 8 tips that can help you choose headlines for your next blog posts.

You must not underestimate the power of a headline. Always give some time for writing the killer headlines.

You can get most out of your efforts if you create eye-catching headlines for your every blog posts.

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Online branding is something that you need if you want to work online. When you are a blogger, you post comments as well on different blogs, there you see other commenters’ pictures. So, you want one of your as well. For this, you need to get a gravatar account and add an image there. Once added, your image will show when you post a comment. Gravatar is by default shown on all the WordPress powered websites. In this guide, I will be explaining everything about Gravatar, and also you will learn how to show your image when adding a comment on WordPress powered blogs.

Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar which is actually similar to Avatars. But, WordPress named it differently because when you get a gravatar, it shows globally on every WP site where you post a comment or get author bio.  Gravatars refer to the avatars, or small-sized icons, or images that appear just beside the name of blog commenters, forum posters, and so on. Like avatars, it also acts as a graphic representation or identification of users, across different online communities. Of course, even though Gravatar is a form of an avatar, they are not the same! Gravatar is truly meant to be global since even anonymous users can also have such an identity. On the contrary, an avatar is only possible when one becomes a member of an online community.

How does Gravatar work?

Unlike avatars, for getting Gravatar, you are required to register only once on the official Website. When registration is completed, you can upload any image of your choice; then assign it either to the registered email or an alternative one, and you are good to go! Image(s) assigned such serves as your unique avatar. Now, whenever you comment on blog posts, this image or avatar will appear next to your name, provided that the respective blogs or forums have enabled support for the Gravatar system. Technically speaking, it works by looking at the email used, for commenting or posting purpose. Since the chosen image or avatar gets assigned to your email address, if a match is found, first the system calls for the image from the Gravatar’s server and then displays it.

The best thing is you only once need to upload your photo, and it shows globally on all WP sites when you post comments using your registered email id.

Why do you need a Gravatar account?

Nowadays, when blogging and similar communities, on the World Wide Web, have seen so much growth, having a Gravatar account would definitely be beneficial.

Two main reasons for using it are:

  • Offer to maintain a unique identity: People, who tend to be active on multiple blogs, often find it hard to keep them distinguished from one another. This is where Gravatar comes in. Unless you use a different email with each comment or so, it helps you maintain a unique identity across online communities.
  • Helps build a brand: You might be wondering how a Gravatar account can do so. It is, however, pretty easy to accomplish. Say, you own a business that is needed to be promoted online; just upload your business logo on your account, and leave productive comments on targeted blogs, with a link pointing back to your site. Over time, if anyone gets impressed upon reading your posts across different blogs, they might go for a visit on your Web site. In such cases, it is your Gravatar that would help to remember you!

These two reasons are more than enough for creating a Gravatar account. And the list of benefits does not end here! Even the blog owners can benefit when readers, with Gravatar, would post comments. Since such an avatar system provides a unique identity to everyone, administrators of respective communities can identify and hence establish a loyal readership easily. The best part is, with one Gravatar account, you can link your multiple Email address, and add a new image. So whenever you creating a custom Domain Email, I recommend you to login to your Gravatar account and associate an image to it.

In case if you don’t know this fact about Gravatar; it’s a part of Automattic. If you are a blogger or normal internet user, I recommend you to create your free account on Gravatar and associate an image with your Email address. This will help you to build your online profile and helps in branding.

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