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When starting a new website, the key is to attract traffic from various sources to make it work for your business. You may want to get traffic from some countries, more organic traffic, or from most searched keywords. No matter what your purpose is, you always need something that can inform you about traffic stats and other details like keywords that attract traffic, high traffic channels, websites or any pages that are the main source of traffic, countries from where you get traffic, and other information.

To be clear, you should have every detail about traffic coming to your site so you can plan how to further boost your traffic and get it from a specific keyword or country. You can easily make another plan if you know about the existing traffic to your site.

There are hundreds of tools available for traffic information. Google Analytics is the first choice of Webmasters. You can use Analytics for all types of sites as it gives a code to add into the code of your site in a way that it is loaded whenever users open the page of the site.

Since we are going to talk about WordPress, we will show you how to install Google Analytics in WP.

  • First off, go to Google Analytics
  • Login with your Google account and click “Sign ”
  • By clicking “Sign up”, you can see the page where it will ask for the site name, site’s URL, and account name.
  • Just fill the information required and see “Get Tracking ID” at the bottom
  • You will see TOS agreement by clicking it. Now choose the country and go to “I Accept”. You will see tracking Id on the next page.
  • You just have to copy the code and paste the code of your site. Copy the code.
  • Go to the dashboard of your WordPress site by going to admin Now go to “Appearance” and then click “Editor.”
  • You will go to “Theme Editor” page. You will check “style.css” page which is open already.
  • With css page, there is nothing to do. Click either on header.php or footer.php. It is recommended to click on header.php as it loads when any page loads.
  • Enter the code over </head>


  • Add the code in footer or header as it has segments that load on each page. It means the analytics code can load whenever any page or post is accessed, and traffic is recorded on each page.
  • You don’t need to paste the code over </head>, put it between <head></head>. Some people just put the code in between them. But it is recommended to store in the head

Now Google Analytics is installed to your site. After some time, go to and see the traffic stats. The first step of doing it will be the same but another part of installing it to the code can be done with ease as not everyone is comfortable to add anything to the code.

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In today’s modern world where communication has gone online, the number of spam and fraud calls are increasing day by day. If you go online to look for scam calls cases, then the chances are you would find a tonne of such cases. That’s the reason why almost every service institutions and banking firms include a disclaimer that they never call you to ask for your credentials.


Anyways, there is still a way to identify the scam and spam calls which almost everyone knows. Just in case you didn’t get it, yes we are talking about the TrueCaller here. But sometimes, this creates more issues than help. One of the most common one being, the wrong name or the number marked as spam even when it is genuine. That’s why there are a lot of people online looking for How to remove Number from TrueCaller. It looks like you are also one of them. And that’s the reason you are here on this page, reading this article on How to remove Number from TrueCaller. So without any further, we do, let’s find out how to unlist number from TrueCaller.

How to remove Number from TrueCaller?

Here are our 3 methods for how to remove the phone number from TrueCaller. Just follow the steps for your Device to remove the phone number from TrueCaller.

A quick Disclaimer: After doing this, Your number won’t be searchable in TrueCaller. Now, if that’s fine for you then feel free to proceed further to unlist your Phone Number from the Truecaller.

Method 1: How to remove Number from TrueCaller – Android

Let us answer how to remove number details from TrueCaller on Android first. In order to remove Number from TrueCaller using this method, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, open the TrueCaller app on your Android Device.
  • Now, login or sign up for an Account.
  • Tap on the little Profile icon from the top corner of your Android Device.
  • Select Settings from the list.
  • Tap on About.
  • Here, select Deactivate from the list.
  • Tap on Yes to confirm the deactivation.

That’s it, you have successfully removed your Phone Number from TrueCaller. Now, let us move on to our next method which is on how to unlist number from TrueCaller on iPhone.

Method 2: How to remove Number from TrueCaller – iOS

In order to remove your phone number from TrueCaller using this method, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, open the TrueCaller app on your iOS Device like iPhone.
  • Now, login or sign up for your TrueCaller Account.
  • Tap on the Great icon from the top corner of your iOS Device.
  • Now, Tap on About TrueCaller.
  • Here, select Deactivate from the list.
  • Tap on Yes to confirm the deactivation.

That’s it, you have successfully removed your Phone Number from TrueCaller. Now, let us move on to our next method which is on how to remove number details from TrueCaller on Windows, should we?

Method 3:  How to remove Number from TrueCaller – Windows

In order to remove your phone number from TrueCaller using this method, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, open the TrueCaller app on your Windows.
  • Now, login or sign up for a TrueCaller Account.
  • Tap on the three dots icon on your Windows Phone.
  • Now, Tap on
  • Here, select Deactivate from the list.
  • Tap on Yes to confirm the deactivation.

That’s it, you have successfully removed your Phone Number from TrueCaller. Now, if you want to do a TrueCaller unlist for a number which you can’t get OTP on like a landline, then you can follow our guide on TrueCaller Unlist.

How to Unlist your Phone Number from Truecaller Database

TrueCaller Unlist Guide

In order to do a TrueCaller unlist for a number, you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, go to the Truecaller Unlist
  • Now, scroll down and enter your Phone Number in the Phone Number
  • Choose the reason for TrueCaller Unlist. Alternatively, you can also type your specific reason for the TrueCaller unlist.
  • Now, verify the captcha to prove that you are not a robot.
  • Once that’s done, just hit that Unlist

You have successfully done a TrueCaller unlist. Now, expect your Phone Number to be removed from their database within a day or so.

Final Verdict

TrueCaller is a great app when it comes to identifying someone’s phone number. But sometimes you might want to secure and protect your identity from others which is completely fine. trueCaller gives you an option to unlist your Phone Number from TrueCaller Database. We hope that this post clear all doubts that you have had regarding How to remove Phone Number from TrueCaller.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on How to remove Number from TrueCaller. We hope that found this guide helpful. Just in case, if you have stuck somewhere between the guide or had any queries related to How to remove Phone Number from TrueCaller, then feel free to reach out to us in the comments section down below. We would love to help you guys out.


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We all know how tiring is to blog every day because it doesn’t consist of one thing rather it needs you to carry out many things on an everyday basis such as keyword research, writing blog posts, proofreading, publishing, promotion, commenting, etc.

Though most of us love blogging, it is still a tiring job, and we need to sit in front of our computers for longer hours to carry out these blogging activities.

You must have read or heard a lot that sitting kills which is somehow true as if you sit for longer, you are prone to getting many health problems such as low blood flow to your legs or throughout the body, back pain, Neck pain, and many other problems.

Since we all love blogging and are very passionate about it, we cannot give up on this. It does earn us money too. In such situation, we need to find the way to stay healthy while we blog.

I mean since we cannot leave blogging, we must need to learn to stay healthy while blogging continues.

Below are a few ways that help you stay healthy while you blog:

  1. Take Regular Breaks while Working

When you work on your blog(s) for a longer duration, you must take breaks in between to keep your body fresh and energetic. Taking breaks gives some relaxing time to your body which helps it to gain the lost energy.

Taking break means not just a break from the work but from the computer too. In the breaks, you can walk into your room or outside, drink some water, or can listen to music with closed eyes. These will help you rejuvenate your body.

To be exact, I would advise taking breaks of 20-30 minutes every after 2 hours of working. For example, if you sit to work for 10 hours, try to take such breaks after every 2 hours; it increases your work productivity since you are refreshed after every 2 hours. It also helps in avoiding eye strain as well. Our eyes need rest too.

Without such breaks, sometimes our mind stops working, and we start feeling bored too that affects our work productivity.

In short, sitting continuously for longer is not recommended thus do take breaks and stay healthy while you blog.

  1. Drink Water Regularly

When we are too busy in work, our mind stops thinking about other things, but our body needs some relaxing time and regular hydration as well. When you work in front of your computer, do keep a glass/bottle of water beside you, and keep drinking a small amount of water at regular intervals. To be exact, you can take 2-3 sips of water after every 20-30 minutes.

When you do this, your body gets the constant supply of water, and thus, the body doesn’t get tired so soon, and you can keep working for long hours. If you don’t drink plenty of water, your body runs out of water that may lead to many health issues.

Therefore, always keep a bottle or glass of water while working, and keep drinking it regularly.

  1. Maintain a Good Sitting Posture

No matter you are a blogger or any other person, as long as you work in front of a computer for long hours, you must maintain a good sitting posture because a bad posture can give you back pain, neck pain, and even leg pain.

Below is a diagram that says all about the right sitting posture for working on the computer.

I don’t need to explain much as this diagram is self-explanatory. If you want to get better insights about sitting posture, watch the video below:

I hope you know now what to do to correct your sitting posture while blogging.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Bloggers do work till late night for writing articles, driving traffic, and other blogging jobs which are great. But, don’t work like you won’t get another day. Make a schedule of your work, and try to follow it. Always keep 8-8.5 hours of sleep on your schedule. Never hinder your sleep because of work. Some exceptions may be there when you need to meet some deadlines. But, don’t make a habit of getting less sleep. Enough sleep is imperative because unless you sleep well, your body won’t be relaxed. Even you won’t feel fresh if you don’t have enough sleep.

Therefore to relax your body and work with fresh mind, enough sleep is imperative.

  1. Eat Healthy While Blogging

Many of us do have a habit of eating something while working, and to be exact most of the time we eat potato chips, salty snacks, sugary substances, or drinking soft drinks.

I would advise you to give up these foods because they don’t do any good to your health but do more bad to it.

Eat healthy and timely. Don’t keep eating random stuff while working. If you really feel like eating something then have something healthy to eat. You can keep fruits with you that you can eat when you feel hungry while working. And, to drink, replace soft drinks with fruit juices or milk.

A blogger needs to work very hard, and all the works they do are by sitting only. Therefore, eating high carb or saturated fats is not good for health as fewer calories are burnt while we keep sitting and thus, it can lead to obesity which further leads to more health complications.

  1. Do Regular Exercise

Every blogger needs to work out every day because while blogging most of the times bloggers keep sitting and working. That results in low blood flow throughout the body and also the chances of being obese increase too.

Therefore, exercise is crucial for bloggers to burn out calories, and improve blood flow in the body. Working out also keeps us fresh and energetic.


Wrapping Up

Health is Wealth. And, you must take care of it. Always prefer health over wealth because if you stay healthy, then you can earn more wealth. Bloggers are awesome creatures who work day and night to pursue their dreams of earning a considerable amount of money and getting success. They do need to take some time out from blogging and live a normal offline life too that may include exercising, socializing with people around them, playing some outdoor games, etc.

Above mentioned ideas are crucial for every blogger to maintain their health while they blog.

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Blogging is one of the most enjoyable things I am doing in my day-to-day life. I have been blogging for more than one year now, and I can say that starting a blog is very easy but maintaining it well is not an easy task. You need to be hardworking, consistent and proactive to maintain it.

If you have started a blog, and working on it occasionally, then it may not yield the results you expect. To reach your goals, you must have to work very hard on your blog and maintain it well so that it can benefit you in the long run.

Blogging is not just writing and publishing the content rather you have to do so many things on an everyday basis to maintain your blog in a good way.

In this blog post, I am going to share a list of things that you need to do consistently in order to maintain your blog:

  1. Creating Content

Content is the food for a blog. Thus, your first work is to create unique content for it. Creating content doesn’t mean you have to write every day. You can make a schedule of publishing articles on your blog. For example, I write one article every week that goes live on every Tuesday. You can have your schedule based on your niche and requirements. Always follow the schedule religiously with consistency.

If you are going on a vacation, then you can write a few articles in advance, and schedule them. So that even you are on holidays, your articles will be getting published one by one as you have scheduled them.

  1. Promotion

Just publishing articles is not one thing that you need to do in blogging rather you have to do a set of so many things. Blog promotion is one of such thing that is very important to do regularly for every article you post on the blog.

You can promote your published articles in many ways. Social media and blog communities are good places to promote your articles. Additionally, you can use various other promotion ways like posting in forums, posting on social bookmarking websites, etc.

  1. Replying to comments

When you publish an article and promote it heavily everywhere, then you get so many comments on it. Some of them may have the words of appreciations, and others may have criticism. You must reply to every comment that requires your response. Handle negative comments with a positive approach to turn the criticism into appreciation. Don’t feel bad if someone points out mistakes in your article rather learn from that and reply to them positively.

Remember one thing that no one has so much time to wait for your response for long so stay active and reply to every comment instantly.

Make it a daily habit of checking comments, and replying to them. It is imperative to maintain your blog in a good manner.

  1. SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

There are two phases of SEO, i.e. On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO.

You must take care of On-page SEO while creating content so that the content will be well optimized.  A few things you should do:

  • Writing Meta Tags
  • Interlinking
  • Keyword placement
  • Image optimization
  • URL Optimization

Once the SEO optimized article is published, build a few good backlinks for it to give it a boost in search engines.

  1. Check for Broken Links

Apart from the things mentioned above, checking for broken links is a very important task because broken links can hurt the blog ranking. Readers will also get 404 errors many a times that won’t entertain them.

Therefore, keep an eye on the broken links. Fix them if there are any. You don’t need to do it every day. You can check it once in a week. Use Broken Link Checker Plugin to make your work easier. It automatically detects the broken links, and you can fix them quickly with the help of it.

  1. Update Plugins

Time to time, there are updates available for the plugins you use on your blog. Whenever there are updates available. Click on update now to update them.

It is a few seconds work, so don’t feel lazy doing it. If you don’t update regularly, then there may be some compatibility issues. So keep them up to date.


  1. Delete Unnecessary Plugins

Many a time, you install so many plugins for some particular work but even if a few of them are not being used, you have them on your blog. So I would say that delete those unnecessary plugins immediately to free that much space from the server.

  1. Keep an eye on your Blog’s Feed

People subscribe your blog using RSS feed. Thus, you should keep checking that the feed is working, and it has no issues. To do that, you must subscribe to your own blog’s feed so that you will stay updated that the feed is working. If something goes wrong, you will get to know, and you can fix the issues immediately.

  1. Backup Your Blog

Nothing is safe on the internet. Thus, having your blog backup is a plus point for you. You never know when your blog gets hacked or gets broken due to some error. If you have the backup, you can restore your blog in no time.

You can use WordPress plugin Backwpup for database and file backup. You can set it to send daily, weekly or monthly backups either to your email or on cloud storage.

  1. Repurpose Old blog posts

When I started my blog, I posted so many articles that are not well-researched and comparatively smaller ones. Therefore, what I need to do is to go back to those blog posts one by one, and repurpose them by adding more data to them with more facts and information.

It happens because when you start a blog for the very first time, you don’t have ideas what is good and what is bad for the blog. You just do whatever you feel is good. So, it’s good to repurpose the old content when you are aware of effects of having low-quality content on your blog.

Don’t repurpose all the old articles at once. Do it in a gradual manner. It is a good way to make most out of your old content.

  1. Control Spam Comments

Last but not the least, control the spam comments on your blog. Spam comments are very common to WordPress blogs. If you don’t control them, they can ruin your blog.

The very first thing you should do is to moderate every comment and approve them manually. The second thing you can do is to use WordPress plugins like Akismet and GASP to control spam to a great level.


Starting a blog is very easy but maintaining is not. You must be active and proactive to work on it every day. I have mentioned 11 things to do regularly to maintain your blog.

There might be many other things that you think are necessary for maintaining a blog. What I have shared is based on my experience. If you have some more things in your list, then please do share via comments. I would love to hear from you.

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In the early years, blogging was a way to share views, suggestions, and feedback on specific topics. But, in recent years it has become a business tool that you can use to promote your business in an entirely new and effective way.

Many of my friends, who are running small businesses, have asked me whether blogging for business is profitable or just a waste of time. And, I always respond them with my answer, YES; blogging for business has many benefits.

Today, I would like to share a list of benefits that blogging has to offer for businesses.

  1. Boost Search Ranking

Before I explain anything, I would like to recommend that always put blog section on your business website only that will be in a directory ( It must not on a subdomain ( because that will be completely different site. Thus, it may not be much profitable.

Content is something that triggers search engines the most. Your business website may not be updated daily, weekly or monthly because it may have some fixed number of pages that stay on the site as it is. But, the blog gets updated every day or every week with fresh content. You get more opportunities to target profitable keywords to rank your business blog.

Also, you won’t usually see publishers linking to your business website without any profit. But, when you have a blog with killer blog posts, you can get more inbound links that give your blog and even overall site an SEO boost.

Better search ranking means better traffic on your blog and website which is great for business.

  1. Helps you stay connected with customers

Blogging significantly helps you stay connected with your customers by asking questions at the end of every blog post. That helps you get views, suggestions and feedback from the customers and audience. You can work on those suggestions and feedback to improve your business quality.

As blogging lets you keep the conversation going on with the customers and audience, trust and credibility factor of your business improve gradually.

It facilitates valuable discussion between you and customers that turns out to be good. Sometimes when they are stuck at something, you can solve the issue via comments, and those comments will be publicly displayed so later if someone else faces the same problem, he can take reference from there.

  1. It helps you convert your visitors into Leads

As you update the blog regularly, it gets more visitors compared to your main website. A blog post is just like a new page added to your website that gives you the opportunity to generate some leads.

You can implement a simple way to turn a few visitors into leads, and that you can do by adding lead generating call to action.

That call to actions can be for anything like asking the audience to use the trial version of some tool, offer free e-books, etc. Anything that you think your audience may be interested sharing their information like Name, email address, etc. for getting them.

You can later use those details to build an email list to them you can offer your products, and that list will be very effective.

If you don’t want to create an email list for now, you can simply add CTA buttons to sell something with some lucrative offers.

When I was browsing Hubspot, I could see every blog post has some kind of CTA. For example, while I was reading a post about holiday marketing plan there, I saw this CTA at the end of the post.

You can do something of this sort on your business blog to turn your blog audience into leads. So, a blog for your business can increase the opportunity to get more leads.

  1. Establish Authority in the Industry you are working in

Blogging is the best way to establish yourself as an authority and expert in the industry you are working in, as it gives you a great platform to share the relevant information, insights, views, and news related to that particular industry.

As you regularly update the blog with such information, people start trusting you that boosts your personal and professional brand.

Due to this trust factor, people will likely to buy from you rather than going anywhere else.

  1. Create Opportunities for social sharing

I have hardly seen someone sharing a business website’s page on their social profiles. But, I can see every hour different people are sharing so many blog posts.

Blog posts are informative which when people read, and find useful then they like to share the same with their friends as well.

Therefore, when you have a blog for your business, you naturally create a big opportunity for your business to get shared frequently on social sites.

More social sharing means more reach. And, more reach means more business profits.

Final Thoughts

Blogging for your business is one of the finest ways to distinguish your business from your competitors. I always recommend everyone to start a blog for business as it gives countless benefits. I have shared just the most important ones in this blog post.

I hope you liked the post. I am always open to getting your views, suggestions and feedback.

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When you start your blogging journey, you seem to have more enthusiasm but as the time goes by you feel less focused in various blogging activities. It does not happen to everyone, but the majority of bloggers face this situation eventually during their blogging journey.

It happens due to wrong selection of niche, improper time management, and improper scheduling of various tasks. Many bloggers keep writing every day and publishing on their blog only so what happens is they started to feel bored and not focused. They need to opt for the diversification of the work.

In this blog post, I am going to share a few things that can help you well to stay focused while blogging.

  1. Set smaller goals with deadlines

When you have no goals to achieve you don’t stay consistent to your blog because you just do it either as a hobby or to earn some money. You don’t have a clear goal about what you want to do with your blog.

You should set smaller goals for short periods with deadlines, and try to achieve them on time. For example, if I set a goal to get 150 subscribers within a month, then I would have to work hard to make it possible, right?

You will notice that when you have a goal to complete, you work harder to make that happen. Therefore, set some goals every month and work passionately on them. You will feel more focused towards your blogging venture.

  1. Diversify Your Work

Blogging is not just writing and publishing articles. It is much more than these. If you write and publish articles every day on your blog, you must not be able to stay focused because it’s human nature when he does the same thing every day he started to feel bored and disconnected.

Therefore, work on other things as well, because in blogging there are so many things you can do such as reading articles, blog commenting, make marketing and promotion strategies, building good relationships with fellow bloggers, replying to commenters on your blog, managing email marketing, etc. Make a schedule of working on all these things, and I bet you will never feel disconnected. This is a good way to stay focused while blogging.

I have been only writing and publishing in the beginning, but recently I learned that reading, blog commenting, and promoting blog posts are equally important. Therefore, I now have so many things to do, and I can say that I am more focused nowadays.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

We are surrounded by so many entertainment websites, and techno-gadgets which are big distracting elements.

Ok, tell me one thing honestly, how many times you have checked your Whatsapp, Facebook, and hangouts while reading this blog post?

I am sure you must have checked these all or a few of them multiple times even while reading this small blog post. So think how many times you check these when you are working on your blog.

Think about it!

You will realize that you are wasting a lot of time on these websites while blogging. Thus, you must eliminate these distractions to stay focused. Let me tell you how?

Phone – Phone is a very important thing so I won’t say to switch off but at least keep it in vibration mode, and turn off the Mobile Data or WiFi connection so that you won’t get any more FB, Whatsapp, and other notifications when you are working.

Internet – Being a blogger most of the things you do require the internet so I cannot suggest you to turn it off, but you can use some extension or tools that block entertainment sites such as Facebook and a few other which distract you so much while working. One such tool is Strict Workflow, use it and enjoy distraction-free work. You can also use an online scheduler like Wunderlist that offers you to schedule something. It reminds you of the time that you have to do this task. Therefore, even if you are busy chatting on FB when you are notified of a task you get back to work immediately.

  1. Don’t ever stop learning

As I mentioned earlier that blogging is not just writing and publishing. There are many skills that if you learn, you can perform even better in your blogging venture. Here is a short list of things you must learn gradually:

  1. Social Media Marketing.
  2. Writing killer articles.
  3. Reading every day.
  4. Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Relationship building.
  6. Learning techie stuff about your blog CMS.
  7. Learning domain and hosting set up.
  8. Traffic generation techniques.

These might seem to be easier, but it takes so much time to learn all these stuff so even if you write killer articles, you must keep learning. learn the things mentioned above specifically. Don’t try learning all at once. Make a timetable or schedule to learn these skills one by one.

Competition in blogging is fierce nowadays. Thus, you have to learn new things and ideas to stand out of the crowd. If you stop learning, others will take over.

As you keep learning new things on an everyday basis related to blogging, you feel more focused.

  1. Track Your Progress

Working blindly on something is not useful until you keep a track of what is working well for you and what not. Tracking progress can be the best thing you should do to stay focused. It is like the result of your efforts.

When you just work and don’t find out the results then how can you know whether you are progressing or not.

Thus, it is very important to track your progress. Progress measure can be done on the basis of what you set as your goals. Earlier in this article, I have given an example of setting a goal to get 150 subscribers in a month. You must have to work very hard to collect subscribers. Won’t you check at the end of the month whether you have gotten 150 subscribers or not? Won’t you like to know which strategy helped you better to get more subscribers?

If you won’t do these, then how can you decide what to do next without repeating the old mistakes in the next strategies.

When you see that your strategies are working, you put more efforts in that to maximize the results. On the contrary, if they are not working, you spend your quality time to make new strategies.

Ultimately, you feel more focused. Just think if you don’t keep these tracks and just continue with working blindly then how you get the motivation to work with more enthusiasm?

Therefore, track your progress on either weekly or monthly basis to know the progress and get the motivation to work further.


Staying focused for longer is one of the biggest challenges every blogger face in their life. When you are not focused, succeeding in blogging becomes tougher.

I have mentioned five things that might help you concentrate well on your blogging tasks and make you stay focused.

What do you think of these ideas for improving focus while blogging?

I will be waiting to hear from you in comments.

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Alright, so there is no denying the fact that with technology becoming more advanced, the scope of earning online is also getting wider. You can literally find a lot of people who are making a good amount of money on the internet. Anyways, if you are someone who aspires to be an entrepreneur and have some knowledge about servers, then you can make a good amount of money with the Reseller Hosting.

Sounds interesting? Wanna learn more about it? If your answer is Yes to this question, then you are on the right page. Today, in this post, we would be covering on What is Reseller Hosting? How you can earn with it? So without any further, we do, let’s jump right into it. Should we?

What is Reseller Hosting?

A Reseller Web Hosting is an option which involves a hosting provider renting you (the Reseller) hard/ solid state drive space and bandwidth. Then, you (the reseller) again rent this storage Space and bandwidth to the users or the ultimate customers. In other words, Reseller Hosting is simply that hosting which lets you resell your hosting plan to your clients.

The Reseller Hosting Business is quite popular among the young web aspiring entrepreneurs. Some Reseller Hosting businesses get much success while others not so much. Well, let us now take a look at How can you earn with Reseller Hosting. Should we?

How to earn with Reseller Hosting?

In this post, we would be covering 2 ways using which you can earn with the Reseller Hosting. Now, if that sounds interesting, let us top into it. Should we?

#1 Launch your own Web Hosting Company

The very first and the most common way to earn via Reseller Hosting is by launching your own online Hosting Company. Do note that this requires some initial resources to get started, you need to do marketing on point. You should be someone who knows what can make your Web Hosting business a success and should work on it.

Now, there are a lot of people out there who starts an online Web Hosting Company after buying a Reseller Hosting just because they “want to do some online business”. Though, in reality, they might be someone who does not even have enough knowledge about hosting and servers. If you are one of those people, then we would definitely recommend you to first get some skills about it. Now, let us take a look at second way using which you can earn money with Reseller Hosting.

#2 Resell it to your clients

If you are a Web Developer who built websites for others, then you can increase your earnings using Reseller Hosting. You can resell the storage space and bandwidth to your own clients and can charge them for the same. This does not require you to launch your online Web Hosting business or site. All you really need is a Reseller Hosting package and some clients.

This is one of the most effortless ways of making some extra bucks from your clients. There are a lot of web developers out there who are generating a really good amount of money with their own clients via reseller hosting.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on What is Reseller Hosting? How you can earn with it? We hope that you found this post useful. Let us know what do you think about Reseller Hosting in the comments section down below.

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Alright, so there is no denying the fact that the Google Chrome is one of the best and popular Web Browsers, especially on Windows Operating System. Well, there are a lot of reasons behind these like it comes from Google, it offers a lot of features, and most importantly is quite fast and stable. Well, one of the most useful features of the Google Chrome or any Web Browser for that matter is the Bookmarks. Just in case you don’t already know, with the help of Bookmarks, Users can save shortcuts to their favorite web pages and navigate to them in seconds from their browser or Simply the Google Chrome.

There is currently a lot of confusion going on the internet regarding “Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10?”. So we decided to finally answer this question of our audience. Today, in this post we would also be covering on how to sync chrome bookmarks. So without any further, we do, let’s top into it.

Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10?

Alright, so before we answer your question, Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10. Let us first discuss how to sync chrome bookmarks, should we?

How to sync Chrome bookmarks?

We think that there would be no better way to answer your question, how to sync chrome bookmarks than just explaining all the steps straight off. So, in order to get your answer for, how to sync chrome bookmarks you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, open the Google Chrome on your Windows 10 PC.

  • Now, click on the menu icon and select Synchronize my bookmarks option from the list.

  • Login to your GMail Account by entering the credentials for the same (User ID and Password).
  • .Now, just wait for a few seconds until you see a success message.

So, this was our guide on how to sync chrome bookmarks. Now, let us take a look at Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10, should we?

Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10?

It’s fairly simple and easy to locate the Google Chome’s bookmarks on Windows 10. But surprisingly enough there are a lot of users who find this job quite difficult. Well, don’t you worry as we are here to help you out. Just in case you ever wish to take a look at your bookmarks on your Google Chrome then you can do it by simplY clicking on the Menu button and selecting the Bookmarks option. Now, you will be able to see all the bookmarks which you have added in order to navigate to them easily without typing them manually into the search bar. Anyways, in order to find out the Google Chrome bookmarks folder on your Windows 10 PC, you need to follow these steps carefully:

A quick Disclaimer: In order to view the Bookmarks file on your Windows 10, you must have the Hidden File Options checked on your Windows File Explorer. You can do so by clicking on This PC, View and check Hidden items box which is located under the Show/ hide menu.

  • First of all, enter the following into the search/ URL Bar of your Google Chrome.


  • Now, scroll down to find out the bookmarks location of your Chrome web browser, it would be under the Profile Path.

  • By default, the directory where the Bookmarks file is stored on Windows 10 is:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

  • Just open your File Explorer and navigate to the directory to find your bookmarks file.

We hope that you have got your answer to Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10. Well, there are some other frequently asked questions for the Bookmarks as well like how to not sync bookmarks in chrome, how to find bookmarks in chrome that did not sync on new computer and how to sync chrome bookmarks between computers.

Well, let us take a look at how to sync chrome bookmarks between computers.

How to sync Chrome bookmarks between Computers

We still think that there would be no better way to answer your question, How to sync Chrome bookmarks between Computers than just explaining all the steps straight off. So, in order to get your answer for, How to sync Chrome bookmarks between Computers you need to follow these steps carefully:

  • First of all, open the Google Chrome on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Now, click on the menu icon and select Options from the list
  • Select the Personal Stuff tab from the left sidebar now.
  • Now, click on the Set Up Sync button and enter your GMail Account by entering the credentials (User ID and Password). Alternatively, you can also create a new Google Account from there if you don’t have one.

  • Once that’s done, click on the Advanced link from the bottom left corner.
  • Here, Use the drop-down menu on the pop-up window to select the Choose what to Sync Click on each of the options available to deselect them, except for the Bookmarks option.
  • Once that’s done, click on OK to finish things off.

  • Now, on your Secondary machine use the above method stated under the how to sync bookmarks in chrome But do make sure you use the same GMail account.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10. We hope that that found this guide helpful. Just in case, if you have stuck somewhere between the guide or had any queries related to Where are Chrome bookmarks stored Windows 10, then feel free to reach out to us in the comments section down below. We would love to help you guys out.

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Anyone who uses a smartphone or tablet is familiar with the cloud, a convenient and always-attainable storage facility that can hold more than random photos, videos, and selfies, but also important medical information. Cloud computing has effectively changed the way healthcare professionals share and receive medical information because the storage resources are practically endless. It’s still a new idea, but doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals everywhere are now experimenting with it because they recognize the way cloud computing can positively affect healthcare IT.

Ensured Privacy and Security

With HIPAA more important to patients than it’s ever been, privacy and security are real issues within the healthcare community. Patients want to know that their private information and medical histories are in a safe place, where they can’t easily get hacked, stolen, or even seen by unlawful eyes. This information is so confidential that the fear of having it seen by someone other than the appropriate healthcare providers is a legitimate fear.

In large part, cloud computing erases that fear. It allows hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to secure the infrastructure of their IT networks. Since the inception of cloud storage, a variety of professionals have tirelessly worked to make sure that the cloud has full privacy and security. Patients can take comfort in knowing that what they share with doctors, nurses, and health insurance representatives will remain private and confidential.

More Resilient Data Storage

Storing data on the cloud is not only safer, but it’s also more resilient. Because the infrastructure is so large and durable, it’s stronger and longer-lasting than traditional healthcare information technology. Providers of cloud storage can create data centers that are all-encompassing, so information is safely backed up and it will stay where it is for a longer amount of time. There’s no worry that the system will crash, losing patient histories and other pieces of personal data.

Fewer Costs

The entire sphere of data storage can get expensive, and rising healthcare costs worry both healthcare providers and the patients for whom they care. The cost of data storage can easily trickle down to patients, but it affects the doctors, nurses, and other professionals as well. Medical informatics through cloud storage significantly cuts the cost. There’s no need to pay for extra storage, plus facilities don’t have to pay for staff to maintain the storage system.

Faster Innovation

With traditional storage options, it’s easy to become obsolete. Worse, upgrading the technology is generally expensive and time-consuming, given the time it takes to train staff for new programs and protocols, move information over to the new system, and upgrade all office technologies. Cloud computing erases those issues as well. Innovations are quicker and easier to carry out, and often upgrade with no noticeable downtime. Better still, any time there’s a new innovation in healthcare technology, it implements seamlessly.

Easier Sharing

Cloud computing also makes sharing easier—but only to the right people. A doctor at the hospital, for instance, can use cloud storage to get access to a patient’s medical history from his or her private physician. If someone gets sick or hurt in another state or country, the healthcare provider he or she sees can get instant access to pertinent information without waiting for faxes, emails, or phone calls. This is better for patients, especially in potentially life-or-death situations.

Mobile Capabilities

 – Image via Flickr by NEC Corporation of America

With the entire world seemingly using on smartphones and tablets, mobile technologies themselves are essential. Cloud computing is mobile, which is efficient in the hospital and crucial in situations where patients are away from their primary care physicians. Instead of relying on clipboards and paper records, healthcare professionals can use tablets and mobile devices to get medical histories, share information about allergies or medications, and send diagnoses to other doctors.

Notably, however, even with mobile capabilities, patient data is still under the same security standards. There are special features that thwart potential hackers, and IT professionals come up with new security features all the time. For instance, there are even mobile devices that shut down if an unauthorized party tries to reach encrypted or private information.

Cloud computing is the future of medicine and healthcare services because it’s safe, affordable, and more convenient than traditional storage methods. Have you experienced cloud computing during any checkups or procedures?

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Web Hosting is utmost important if you want to run a website online. Web hosting companies have high-end computers, and they are setup in a way that they work as servers. When you buy hosting space from any web host, you get space on one of those server computers’ Hard Drive, and you get other resources as well. Those computers are just like your home computer with a few differences such as they are set up as servers that respond to the visitors’ requests and also, their hardware are more powerful.

As it is inevitable if you want to run a website, the web hosting business has grown up quite well since the beginning. But, as like every product or service there are good and bad hosting companies do exist together.

When we say good host, it means the host has more than 99% uptime, very fast response time, 24×7 support, high-level security, etc.

bad host is the one that has so much of downtime that makes your site offline for long hours that result in visitor loss, and ultimately loss in the business. Their response time is not good as well, and even their security level is not that great.

  1. Shared Hosting: When a web hosting provider offers hosting multiple websites having a different domain name from a single server, it is called Shared Hosting. Same software and hardware resources are used by all sites hosted on the server.

Bloggers mostly use shared hosting because it is comparatively affordable and it fulfills the purposes of bloggers.

  1. VPS Hosting: Short for Virtual Private Serveris a server within a big server. The big server acts like a dedicated server which is divided into mini Virtual Private Servers, and each VPS serves the request of one website. I mean you can host one of your sites on one VPS. In this, all the hardware resources or one VPS are used by only one website that makes the website runs fast and fewer chances of getting virus infection from other websites that likely to happen in Shared Hosting.
  2. Dedicated Hosting: This is the best but costliest hosting service. It is hosting configuration that fulfills just one website requirement. Mainly the big companies like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. use this hosting. It is more secure than any hosting type.

The above graphic speaks itself about these 3 hosting types. In VPS, I have just shown 2 Virtual private servers for 2 different websites in the image, but it is up to the hosting provider as how many VPS they create out of the main dedicated server.

In the dedicated hosting, the whole server is dedicated to one website.

On this blog, you will read more about shared hosting as this is the hosting type we bloggers use mostly. However, we will talk about VPS and dedicated hosting as well eventually.

A few factors that you should always consider while Buy Web Hosting

  1. Price: Price is the main consideration for many bloggers because many of us lack money while starting out. So, always choose the one that is good and at the same time their pricing is affordable. For example, comhas been offering 1-year free hosting and takes only the cost of the domain for the first year. So that you can start a blog in less than 15USD for the first year, and earn well to pay later years payment. It’s like; they give you the opportunity to build a good site within one year. There are many other affordable hosts available that we will be mentioning on this blog.
  2. Support: Not all are techie enough to sort out all the issues when they get in their hosting. And, even if they are knowledgeable, they need hosting guys to fix many issues. Thus, always be sure that the hosting support is good. Most of the good hosting providers have nice support system. I would suggest choosing the one which has chat support as it helps you out instantly.
  3. Operating System:Operating system check is important because if you want to run a website that is built using PHP then Linux Hosting will be a better choice, and if your website is made using .Net or any other that needs Windows OS to run, then you need to get Windows Hosting.

Linux hosting is the most popular hosting nowadays.

  1. Software and Hardware: You should query about the software and hardware they are giving with the shared hosting you are going to choose. You can ask about the processor, RAM, etc. because the hosting provider that offer low RAM, and cheap processor might cause lag, slow loading, and severe downtime issues. Thus, a query about these things is paramount.
  2. Control Panel: Different web hosting has a different control panel, but CPanel is one of the best control panels used worldwide. You can also check with your hosting provider whether they offer Cpanel or not.
  3. Uptime: You can monitor different websites already running on the hosting server that you are going to choose to know whether their uptime is good or not.
  4. Server Response Time:You can also check existing sites that are running on the hosting that you are going to choose to know how much response time they are delivering. Google page Speed Tool can give you an idea of When you check a website using this tool, it shows “Reduce Server Response Time” if the server is slow otherwise it shows response time under the passed rule. Google recommends keeping server response time under 200ms.
  5. Regular Backup: There is nothing safe online. Therefore keeping a regular backup of websites is very important so that even if your website is compromised you can restore it with the backup. You must choose the host that takes regular backups of the websites hosted on its server.


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