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Mountain climbing is one of the most adventurous expedition. And, when we talk about Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is once in a lifetime opportunity to climb it and reach its summit.

Where is KiliManjaro?

If you don’t know where is Mt. Kilimanjaro, you should know that it is Tanzania, Africa. This is the highest peak in Africa, and it is the highest free Standing Mountain in the whole world. It is not a part of any mountain range. It is around 16,100 Ft. from its base and 19330 ft. from the sea level.


10 Things to Know before Climbing Kilimanjaro

  1. AMS Can Impact you big time

AMS short for Acute Mountain Sickness which may affect you when you go higher on the mountain, and there is nothing like even if you are very fit. It can still impact you. Dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. are common symptoms.

To cope up with this, you should do the climbing very slow because when you go slow your body gradually adapts the situations, but if you go very fast, your body gets less time to adapt, and hence AMS can happen.

The best advice we can give you is to talk to your doctor before you plan for climbing Kilimanjaro.

  1. Book Local Guides to save lot of money

Don’t book your trek operator online because you can get such operators at cheap rates than what you see online. So, wait to reach Arusha, and then search for a trek guide, and you will get at low cost and the best thing is they are well-known everything because they are locals of that place.

  1. Choose the best Route

You must know that there are so many routes to start climbing Kilimanjaro. So you should talk to your trek operator and finalize which route you want to choose. There are pros and cons of each route. So, know more about all of these, and then decide. The best we can advise you to go for the less crowded routes which are generally the ones that take extra1-2 days to reach the summit but chances of reaching summit increases if you take these routes.

  1. You have to use Squat Toilets

If you are from Western country who have used commode toilets. So, get yourself practiced to use Squat toilets because on Kilimanjaro you will get only these. Moreover, if you don’t think you can do on these, you can get yourself a portable private toilet but this will add hundreds of dollars to your budget.

  1. Summit day is very tough

Summit day is usually tough when you start midnight and have to crawl for eight hours of the steep switchback. But, all the efforts is worth when you reach the summit which is once in a lifetime moment.

Few other things to know:

  • You have to hydrate yourself and drink up to 3 liters of water every day. Your guide will give you 2-3 liters of water on day one. Porters collect water and replenish supplies.
  • Go slow while climbing.

Final Words

These are a few of the things, you must know before you start climbing Kilimanjaro because when you are ready, there are high chances of the successful trek.

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When you think of Mountain climbing, Kilimanjaro must be on your list because it one of the highest mountains that is not a part of any mountain range. It is a free-standing mountain which is actually a Stratovolcano which means it is formed from the deposits of the volcano. In the past, when lava flew from the volcano, that was cooled down before it flew away. This way, the mountain was formed gradually.

Where is Mt. Kilimanjaro?

If you have the question in mind that where is Mt. Kilimanjaro, here is the answer. It is the highest free-standing mountain of Africa, and it is located in Tanzania. It is around 16,100 ft. from its base and 19,330 ft. from the sea level.

How Tough is to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?

It takes around 6-8 days to reach the summit of the mountain. However, there are different routes, and you can look for the best route to climb which can be guided by your tour operator. Moreover, 6-8 days hiking is not easy when you have to go for higher altitude.

When you go higher, you may feel like vomiting and headaches. That becomes tough when you have these problem occurring in the mid of trek. So, this becomes tough in the condition.

Moreover, it also depends on your training and your physical fitness as well as your commitment of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

You have to get the best training possible especially for climbing Kilimanjaro and do cardio every day to stay fit and active. You should start training yourself before 1-2 months of trekking. If you will have better stamina, it won’t be too tough for you.

Things to consider while climbing Kilimanjaro to Make Things Easy

  1. Choose the Best Route Possible

Since there are many routes to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, you must choose the route that is less crowded. However, the lesser crowded routes are usually longer but has better chances of reaching summit. Also, hiking to higher altitude should be done slowly to avoid vomiting and headache kind of issues.

  1. Choose Professional Guide for Your Trek

Kilimanjaro trek is one of the most talked treks in the world, and that is quite dangerous as well. So, it is always better to get a professional guide along who can make your climbing easier.

  1. Packing

Before starting the climb, you must pack things that you would need. You can keep some of your medicines that you might need, and also, the oxygen cylinder because on higher altitude you might feel breathing issue. So, that would help you. If you keep things, you make your trek easier.

  1. Don’t compete with Fellow Climbers

Never compete with fellow climbers because different people have the different capacity so, don’t increase your speed if someone is going fast. You should stay in your comfort zone while climbing. The slow you go the better chances of reaching the summit.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Reaching your higher altitude may have adverse effect on your body, but there is nothing to worry much as they are temporary issues. In such situations, keeping yourself hydrated is very important because you have to walk a lot of every day while the trek.

Few more things that you should keep in mind in order to make the climb Not Tough

  • Take proper sleep every day because when you sleep well, you feel more energetic. So, when you sleep during the climb, make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can make you feel powerless.
  • Don’t starve yourself. Eat when there is an urge to eat.
  • Go slow.
  • Take rest when needed.

Final Words

Actually, it is in mind that climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is tough. Of course, it is never easy to climb this much high where you have no bath for 6-8 days and have to walk all these days. But, still, it is not that tough if you are mentally and physically fit.

We wish you have happy climbing to Kilimanjaro.

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GenZers and Millennials are surrounded by copious amounts of information. At any given point of time, we are but one click, swipe or hover away from information overload. We all live contradictory lives; we live vicariously through others while documenting our entire lives too. We want people to know what we are eating, where we are going etc. And just how do we do this? Social media of course! Most of us are so consumed by this one entity; it’s hard to discern if we are documenting our lives or living our lives such that the documentary is Oscar worthy.

Whatever it may be, boon or bane, it is hard to deny that social media is an indispensable part of our lives. Here’s a list of the top five social media apps at present.

  1. Facebook

 The brain-child of Mark Zuckerberg, this app has been retained its status of being the biggest, worst boy around town. With more than two billion people users (almost a third of the world’s population!), more than 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and over six million active advertisers promoting their business on it, it’s the rad-est place to be.

The best, although scariest in the post- Black Mirror era, is that its algorithms keep track of every interest of the user and prioritizes content custom tailored for everyone. You can share photos, posts, update status based on your mood, live stream videos and put up text, image and video stories that disappear after 24 hours. Pretty rad, hunh? The algorithms make sure you see only the most interesting content and connect with others like you. It is available for both iOS and Android.

It is a small, brave new world if you’re on Facebook. 😉

Download Facebook

  1. WhatsApp

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, WhatsApp Messenger lets you chat, call or video call with anyone (also a WhatsApp user) for free. To make texting fun, you can use emojis, gifs and (now) stickers too. You can put up profile photos, status, and stories- text, pictorial and video as well. You can send documents, links, videos as well as audios to your interlocutor, should you feel too lazy to type sometime. Also, there are read receipts, that you turn off to mess with the other people, you can also mute chats. You can also block certain users in-app. Bonus, you can change the chat background and send your GPS location using an interactive map

It was recently acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for a staggering USD 19.3 billion. Since its inception back in 2009, WhatsApp has rapidly gained ground and is used in over 180 countries and has billions of users- more than one and a half billion to be precise. Jeez.

Download WhatsApp

  1. Instagram

Available on both iPhone and Android platform, Instagram is the incredibly fun and popular photo and video sharing app that needs only a couple of touches to produce a funky edited photo- retro, noir…you name it, you can add color overlays and tweak the scale and orientation of the photos and once you are done, you can add geotags and off it goes to your followers. You can add and search hashtags, turn on notifications for a specific account, block and report an account. You can also send a private photo or video to one or more friends, without sharing it to your Instagram feed, you can save a post too. Same as the photos, you can also add filters to the videos. While you cannot update status, you can put up stories, which will disappear after 24 hours, unless you make them a highlight.

In which case the memories stay forever on your feed. Instagram automatically gathers all your Instagram posts for which you activated geotagging and puts them on a map so you and your followers can browse them by location. Due to its immense popularity, Instagram remains the most highly used app by people to carefully curate and display their public life through a series of stylised photos and videos.

Download Instagram

  1. AddaChats

Proudly Indian, this relatively new app has been gaining followers in leaps and bounds since its inception. Available in web format and for Android platform, this app supports over 8 Indian vernaculars and is custom made for the population that lives life on its term, not pseudo-intellectuals, these people do not believe in the concept of putting on a show for the general populace. This indigenous app, embedded deep in reality of millions of people has made it immensely popular in the Indian subcontinent. However, this does not mean the app lacks in any features when compared to the others in the same categories.

As mentioned before, AddaChats is available in a variety of Indian languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, and Gujarati with possible addition of more languages shortly. The users can download and share WhatsApp stickers and WhatsApp status videos. Custom top ten videos specially made for the user can be seen and downloaded. Available videos are in five languages among Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. Bonus, you earn every time a friend of yours uses your referral code to download the app. The app also lets you download viral videos on your phone and share them as much as you wish. You can also upload your favorite viral videos, memes, and gifs for festivals and other occasions, etc.

Download AddaChats

  1. Twitter

 Surprisingly one of the most popular platforms, the limit of characters notwithstanding, Twitter continues to remain a channel for people to voice their concerns, share their issues directly at the person. The government too has turned to Twitter to lend an ear and eventually a helping hand to those in need. The app lets you share text posts, photos, and videos. You can reach out to a person in direct chat and in groups too. You can see the trending hashtags and tweet directly at people.

Twitter also remains the most reliable source of information and news even before it is broadcasted on television with people and news reporters tweeting in real time. One of the prime reasons behind Twitter’s massive popularity is the results it delivers and how accessible the heads of states, organizations, and companies have become. In return, the companies too use it as a service channel. Well, just as long as everyone is happy.

Download Twitter

mmWith a flair for the dramatic, Oshi brings in the nail-biting news that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Served to you of course, with a side of sarcasm. Besides, being on top of the latest news is something that always pays off.

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has grown in popularity and powers around 31% of the web. The ease of use and flexibility of this Content Management System (CMS) has attracted enterprises from different sectors and of different sizes to WordPress. Further, hosting services were platform-agnostic for many years and there was a demand for WordPress-specific hosting services from site owners. Hosting providers also realized that running maintenance tasks was a time-consuming process and designed WordPress Hosting plans to help run and manage WordPress websites. In this article, we will highlight 4 important things that you must know before buying a WordPress Hosting plan.

Before we start, let’s look at some tasks that WordPress site owners need to perform regularly:

  • Updating the WP core, themes, and plugins.
  • Backing up the database and site data.
  • Scanning and monitoring the website for security threats

4 Things That You Should Know Before Buying WordPress Hosting

A good WordPress Hosting plan should offer the following benefits:

  1. Automatic Updates of the Core, Plugins, and Themes

WordPress is an open source platform with a community of developers working constantly to ensure that the platform is secured from the latest security threats, bugs are fixed and users get access to the latest features. All these changes are made available to WordPress users through updates which are made available from time to time. At the same time, plugin and theme developers also update their products for maximum security and performance. As a WordPress user, you must ensure that your WP core, themes, and plugins are updated regularly. These updates can be done manually via the dashboard.

Many WordPress hosting plans offer automatic updates of themes, plugins, and WP core, saving to time and effort. Ensure that the host offers this feature.

  1. Website Scans for Identification and Elimination of Threats

WordPress offers hundreds of plugins and tools to improve the security of your website. However, being an open source platform, there is always a possibility of a cyber-attack. Therefore, it is important that the website is scanned regularly for possible threats. This is again a time-consuming task.

WordPress Hosting services, usually include regular security scans of your WP site using the latest tools to ensure that such threats are kept at bay.

  1. Website Backups – Automated

Even if you take the best security measures, the chances of an attack going undetected can never be ruled out. Therefore, you must take backups of your website regularly. This ensures that your data is safe even in case of a cyber-attack. After all, losing data can be bad for your business and reputation. Many WP Hosting providers offer automatic website backups as a part of the hosting plan. However, it is recommended to take additional backups of your own.

  1. Customer Support

Websites need to be online 24x7x365 with fast loading pages and the highest security levels. Problems, if any, need to be resolved immediately to minimize the impact on the performance of the site. Therefore, it is important that the hosting provider offers a 24×7 support to help you counter technical issues if any.


Before you start looking for a web host, ensure that you spend time assessing the hosting requirements of your WP site. Once you are clear about what you want from the host, research the market and look for plans which offer features best suited to you. Not all WordPress Hosting plans are the same; compare a few plans before investing. Good Luck!

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Blogging is one of those things that improved my overall persona, and that is why I like it so much. It is not only useful for personal improvement, but it can be used as a marketing tool to make high profits in your business as well.

In this blog post, I am going to talk why is blogging so powerful. You will learn the benefits blogging offers to both at personal and professional level.

First, I would like to talk about how powerful it is to improve you at personal level effectively.

Improvement in Writing: Though, I am from an English speaking country, writing has been a challenge for me since the inception. When I was introduced to blogging, I found hard to write better content. I used to write smaller ones with comparatively lesser information that you can find out when you check out my older articles.

Many a times when we write long articles, many sentences look off the track due to lack of experience. I am noticing that I have improved a lot, and I can write longer content without having any sentences that look off the track. However, I am not yet perfect and need more improvement. But, Improvement is there, and that is all because of blogging.

Improvement in Networking Skills: Before I plunged into blogging, I was a person who didn’t know how to connect and be friends with people. When I started blogging, I have learned to speak directly to hundreds or thousands of people through my blog posts. I have learned to talk to different bloggers by commenting on their blogs. I have also learned how to respond to the people’s query by replying to the comments on my blog posts.

By doing these, I have made many friends online. I have very healthy relationships with these online friends. It is also because now I have the sense and attitude of networking with different people from different corners of the world.

Developed Confidence: Confidence is the thing that I think everyone should have in order to taste success. When I was not blogging, I haven’t felt so much confidence in me ever, but when I started writing posts, interacting with people, and getting appreciations, I have begun to develop so much of confidence in me.

There are endless benefits I have gained and will constantly be gaining from blogging. These are just a few most significant improvements I have noticed in me since I have started blogging. Therefore, I can say that it is very powerful, as I hadn’t seen an improvement in these areas even after many motivations and inspiration. But, Blogging did it within a year just naturally.

This is how I am growing up personally with the power of blogging. Now, let’s have a look how blogging can be used as a powerful marketing tool for business.

Integrate a business blog to your business website:

According to Hubspot, companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5x more traffic than companies that don’t blog at all.

As you can see, companies that do blogging, and publish around 15 articles get 5 times more traffic. Therefore, it is quite a great idea to start a business blog right now if you have an online business.

Apart from the traffic, you can also stay connected to your customers and audience via the blog. You can get feedback and suggestions from your audience more effectively via the blog.

You can also write blog posts about your products time to time get a maximum number of people on to your blog, and then on the product page.

You can do various things to grow the business through the blog such as you can run contests, give free tips and tricks related to your products, answer to their queries in more efficient manner.

Educate the audience to drive the interest in your product:

You can use your blog to write something that increases the audience interest in the kind of products you offer. Suppose you have a course that teaches How to improve traffic by 200% in a month? And you have added the product to your business site that gets comparatively fewer traffic.  Now, if you want you can use your brain, then you can sell this product using your blog.

How is it possible?

You just need to write an article that should have title something like,

Do you want to improve your site’s traffic instantly?

Are you not getting enough traffic? Here is how you can improve.

Now, you can see that most of your readers may be interested in the subject because who doesn’t want to get enough traffic to their sites?

In that article, write about the tips. But, don’t write the whole ideas and tricks. And at the end, give a link to your course saying that this course teaches you the same we are discussing about.

Not every time the idea gets successful, but most of the time it helps you make some sales.

Showcase your Talent:

You must have seen many service providers create different sites to show up their skills, talent, and previously done works. But, if you don’t want to do the same thing, your blog can help you.

Suppose you are a writer who seeks good writing clients. You can always show your blog to the clients to display your work. Also, it helps you get more client as people have a positive vibe that those who run a blog can be an excellent service provider as they are hard working. They think like that because your hard work shows off on your blog.

Being contacted by popular companies and professionals:

I am too new to be approached by big companies and professionals. But, I have seen many of my blogger friends are being contacted by big companies for attending events, writing their reviews, and for multiple business offers.

That is great! Companies spend a lot to make great contacts, and here you get those great contacts just by blogging that is enjoyable at the same time.

Final Words

Blogging is very powerful, and that not only I am saying, but the facts and information I have shared in this post say as well. Therefore, if you want to grow yourself well online, start a blog. If you want to multiply your business profits, start a blog.

Happy Blogging!

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Alright, so it’s 2018, and more and more people are going online. This is primarily due to the advancement in technology and the Internet becoming more common in this modern world we are living in. Now, you might be someone who is planning to start an online blog to share information with the world. There is no denying the fact that the WordPress is one of the best and popular CMS or the Content Management System for blogs.

Now, you might be just starting out with your online blog. The first thing you gonna wanna do is buy a domain. Once that’s done, you need to get Hosting. Now, there are a lot of people out there who finds it quite difficult to choose the right Hosting for your WordPress website. Now, if that sounds interesting, let us jump right into it. Should we?

How to choose the best Hosting for your WordPress site?

Here are some of our tips which would help you guys out in choosing the best Hosting for your WordPress site.

Hosting Provider Performance

A faster website is always a better website. Just in case if you don’t already know, Google considers a website’s speed as a ranking factor. Now, there is not a particular page speed time, but if you ask us, we would say anything that loads within 3 seconds is good for a WordPress blog. So if you are currently facing slow speed on your WordPress Website, then it’s high time that you change your Web Hosting Provider.

Hosting Provider Uptime

Now, Website speed should be good, but it does not make sense for a Website that loads under 3 seconds but is down for the most time of the day. Right? The Hosting Provider Uptime should be good enough, though we don’t think that there is any hosting provider out there who can guarantee 100% uptime. But, you can easily get an idea about the hosting Provider Uptime looking at reviews for the hosting provider on the web. Also, there are a lot of hosting providers out there which lets the user try them for a certain period of time.

Hosting Provider Support

The third thing which you should consider when looking out for Hosting for your WordPress site is the support of the Hosting Provider. There are times when things do not go well with websites and servers in general. Though the issues might be minor and can be easily fixed. But still, since you don’t have the access to the Server’s backend, you cannot fix the issue.

That’s why what you have to do is contact the Hosting Provider Support team and let them help you in fixing the issues. Now there are a lot of Hosting Providers out there who provides great support. You can identify these by again taking a look at the reviews for the Hosting Providers on the web. You can also check the Web Hosting Provider’s website for live support/ chat feature.


So those were some of the things you should look for in the hosting provider when looking for Hosting for your WordPress site. Do note that these were some of the most important ones according to us. You should also look for other things like Pricing, Security Features, One Click WordPress installer and more.

That’s it guys; this was our take on How to choose the best Hosting for your WordPress site. We hope that this post helped you in choosing the best Hosting for your WordPress site.

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Blogging is a full-time job like any other job, and that is why you have to be very serious about your productivity and quality of work.

When we talk about productivity and quality, we think of some excellent tools that help us do our day to day tasks easily and more effectively. As we all know there are many different tasks we bloggers need to carry out every day, we need some tools that can improve our productivity, speed, and overall work quality.

Thinking of such tools, I have prepared a list of 10 best blogging tools for bloggers which I am listing below:

  1. WordPress

When we talk about blogging, the first thing comes to our mind is which platform to choose from WordPress, Blogger or any other.

Without any confusion, I would recommend using WordPress as your blogging platform.

The reason I am keeping WordPress in the list of best blogging tools is it is more than awesome, and it offers a range of features absolutely for free. You can make a great blog by using WordPress. When you buy domain and hosting, the first thing, you have to do is to get your website or blog developed which costs too much. But, WordPress makes everything easy by offering a full-fledged Content Management System free of cost.

Huge number themes and plugins are available to use with WordPress, and they make this CMS the best in business.

The setting up of a blog using WordPress is just a few minutes task, and the best thing is you don’t need any coding knowledge.

This is indeed the best blogging tool for every blogger out there.

Visit WordPress

  1. Canva

A blog is good when the content posted on it is killer and looks attractive because of interesting images added to it.

So, how to get the attractive and interesting images?

Canva is one of the best and most used online tools to create awesome images for your blog posts. There are beautiful templates available that you can use as bases to create your own designs.

It is a must use blogging tool for every blogger who wants to make his/her blog look beautiful and more professional.

Visit Canva

  1. Google Analytics

To grow your blog, you need to know the pattern of traffic such as

From where the traffic is coming?

Which source is sending more traffic?

Which posts on the blog are getting most of the hits?

When you know all these details, you can offer more relevant content to target the audience in a far better way.

Google Analytics is a superb free tool that you can use to track all of these data, and even more. It’s a must have blogging tool to use. When you use it, you can tap its potential.

Visit Google Analytics

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research is very important if you want to build organic traffic for your blog, and to do it a keyword research tool is required. Google offers Google Keyword Planner tool that works quite well. However, it only gives you the Global and Local search volumes. It doesn’t tell you the organic competition of the keywords. There is a column of competition there in the tool, but that is not organic. That competition is for Adwords advertisers.

Therefore, once you get a good list of keywords with fair search volume, you can analyze the competition manually, or you can go for other tools like Long Tail Pro or SEMrush.

At the basic level, every blogger should use Google Keyword Planner to find out searchable keywords.

Visit Google Keyword Planner

  1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that you can use to display social sharing buttons on your posts and pages. By far, I found this plugin the best social sharing plugin. It is a paid tool, and I would highly recommend this because it has many useful features that not any social plugins offer.

I am using Social Warfare on this blog, and results are quite good.

Visit Social Warfare

  1. GetResponse

Email Marketing is indeed a required job for bloggers to build a targeted email list that may buy from them later on. Yes, having a good email list is very beneficial for increasing your affiliate or own product sales.

GetResponse is the best email marketing tool that I can recommend to everyone. Though there are big players such as Mailchimp and Aweber doing quite well, I would recommend only GetResponse because I am using it and the experience is great.

Visit GetResponse

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

SEO is an important practice for bloggers because a better search engine optimization ensures better organic traffic.

Yoast SEO Plugin offers various options to optimize your posts, and you can also add custom Meta title and description for each post.

This is the best SEO plugin for WordPress, and you must use it.

Visit Yoast SEO Plugin

  1. Grammarly

Being a blogger, it is our duty to write error-free content. We must proofread our content 2-3 times to make sure that there are no errors left in it. But, even after checking a few times, we leave small typos and other mistakes. Therefore, having a tool for proofreading is an added advantage as it quickly marks the errors.

Grammarly is the best tool to check grammar, spelling, and typo. Thus, it works quite well as a proofreader, and additionally, you can also check content for plagiarism.

This is a must have tool for every blogger and writer.

Visit Grammarly

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs is not a blogging tool primarily but as a blogger, you can make most out of it by keeping your written content on the cloud. If you get content from writers, you can ask them to share on docs so that you don’t need to send them an email about changes. You can just give Edit Suggestions on the Doc itself, and your writer will edit in the same file. He doesn’t need to send via email.

Even when you have to send a guest post to some blogger, you can just create a doc over there, and enter that blogger’s email to share the doc with him.

I really enjoy working with Google Docs, and I consider this as a great blogging tool for everyone. Keeping the data in the cloud is safe as well because when computer system gets broken, we may lose the data.

Visit Google Docs

  1. Readability Test Tool

A Readability Test Tool ensures your content is easily readable for most of the people. You can check your content using this tool to ensure that the readers won’t find your content difficult to read.

If the test shows your content is hard to read, then you can edit it to make it more readable.

This is a must have tool for every blogger. But, sadly very few are actually using it.

Visit Readability Test Tool


Blogging tools are crucial for improving the work quality, productivity and work speed. I am sure you will find these tools quite handy to use.

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When it comes to Web Hosting, there are certain options to choose from. For instance, you have Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and VPS Hosting. Now, for a small site that does not require too many resources is always recommended to be hosted on a Shared Hosting Plans. But for everyone else, VPS Hosting is one of the most popular and recommended hosting option out there.

But, have you ever wondered what actually is VPS Hosting and Why you should choose it over any other Hosting Options? Well, if not, then it’s high time you do. Today, in this post, we would be covering on What is VPS hosting? Why should you choose it? So without any further, we do, let’s jump right into it. Should we?

What is VPS hosting?

Just in case you don’t already know, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Now, VPS is a server which has its own copy of operating system and allocated server resources; this is within a bigger server. The entire aspect of a VPS is virtual. Virtualization technology refers to one powerful service which is divided into multiple little virtual servers.

Now, though the resources are shared, the element of privacy with services is present with the Virtual Private Servers. This means that you would not have to share your CPU, RAM or any other data. So now when you know a little about What is VPS, let us take a look at Why you should choose a VPS over any other hosting option. Should we?

Why choose VPS Hosting?

You should prefer going with a VPS Hosting over any other Hosting option if you:

Need Speed

Now, if you are someone who is running a website with a lot of contents, then you should know that with time and more content, the website tends to get slow. So if you are someone who is on the Shared Hosting Plan right now and is facing low speed, then it’s the time to upgrade. Also, with time the sites will see increased traffic over time.

If you are someone who is also getting high traffic on your website, then you should definitely consider upgrading to VPS as there you would find much better speed.

Increased Security

If you are someone who is running an online business, especially an e-commerce store. Then, you should definitely consider moving to the VPS or the Virtual Private Server. With VPS, you get increased security. Also, if you are one of those unlucky people who gets multiple attacks on your site, then it’s high time you upgrade your current hosting to a VPS.

You need more Resources

You might be someone who is on the Shared Hosting Plan currently and might be getting 503-server errors continuously. The 503 server errors are primarily due to lack of enough memory and other resources. This might be because your neighbors who are on the same shared hosting server of yours are hogging the resources.

Anyways, you can easily fix this by upgrading to a VPS or the Virtual Private Servers. This is because again the element of privacy with services is present with the Virtual Private Servers.

So, guys, this was our take on What is VPS hosting? Why should you choose it? We hope that you found this post useful. Let us know what do you think about VPS Hosting in the comments section down below.


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Alright, so it’s 2018, and more and more business is going online. This is primarily due to the advancement in technology and the Internet becoming more of a necessity for this modern world we are living in. Now, you might be someone who has a business which you want to run online, or maybe you are someone who develops websites for others. Whatever the case might be, the thing is that you are dealing with Websites. Now, one of the most common mistakes we see people making is falling for wrong Web Hosting Company.

Choosing the right Web Hosting Company for your website is one of the most ignored yet the most crucial decision you make with your website. So, how to choose the right Web Hosting Company? Well, here are some of our tips which would help you in doing so.

How to choose the right Web Hosting Company?

Here are some of the things which will help you in choosing the right Web Hosting Company:

Know Your Needs

You know sometimes it happens that you don’t really need to have a powerful hosting under your belt as you might have a site which does not require powerful resources. But the worst can happen when it’s actually vice versa. Say, you are creating or running a big online website or an e-commerce store. In this case, it does not makes sense for you to buy a hosting which does not have powerful resources as it would not be able to handle your site the way you want.

So, first understand the needs of your online business and then take a look at Hosting Companies and their packages accordingly.

Choose the Right Package

For instance, if you are someone who is running quite a small business site or webpage online, then you can simply go ahead with Shared Hosting. But if you are running something big, like say, an e-commerce store, then you should get a Virtual Private Server or VPS which is slightly more expensive, but it provides a faster, higher quality web performance for your website.

Look out for Reviews

You don’t really want to fall for any other hosting Company out there which is promising some great packages at an unreal price. So, in order to make sure that you are choosing the right web hosting Company, do take a look at their reviews. You can easily browse through blogs for the reviews of the web hosting company. This way, you’ll get an idea about how that Web Hosting Company really is.

Check the Amount of bandwidth

One of the most common traps where the customers get trapped by a Web Hosting Company is the bandwidth. Now, though there are a lot of websites on the web that does not actually requires a lot of bandwidth. But it is always good to leave some space for growth. You might not have much traffic on your site initially, but you might get a lot of it in the future.

Don’t stick on Prices

A lot of people just compare the pricing of the Web Hosting Company without even taking a look at specifications, features, support, reliability etc. And after some time, they realize that they had made a wrong decision by falling for cheap prices. At the end of the day, in most cases, you get what you pay for. So it is always better not to fall for cheaper web hosting companies.

That’s it guys, those were some of our tips for you in choosing the right Web Hosting Company for your business.


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The Internet has become the most important part of our life as we use it all the time except during the sleep.? It has become a lifestyle which is being opted by the people of all ages.

You can check emails, read the newspaper, check exam results, search for information, chat with your friends & relatives, and can do many other things on the Internet.

Almost all kind of information you can get on the Internet. These all seem to be great but to me, the best thing it offers is the numerous opportunities to make money online using various ways and techniques.

Gone are the days when people only focused to get a 9-5 day job, nowadays, trend has been changed, and people are opting for either online entrepreneurship or offering online services. These give them ease to work while sitting in their armchair at home.

Make money through online survey is one of the legitimate ways.

Yes! Surveys!

It doesn’t require you to be an expert of anything rather you just need to be good in giving your opinion.

When I came to know about it, my first impression was like, . One more scam technique? but later when I dug deeper into it I came to know that you can make money through online survey?if you join only the genuine survey sites.

What exactly the online Surveys are?

Many of the big brands work hard on their products which can meet the consumer?s requirements but still they miss many things. That is the reason companies have started taking people?s view on their products. Once they have opinion from thousands of people, they analyze what issues are there in their products, what all are missing, and what they can improve. And on the base of analysis, they improve their products.

In many cases, these surveys give reasons to companies to launch new products which are even better than earlier, and can fulfill consumer?s requirements even in more efficient manner.

Though not all people want to spend their time filling out surveys, companies started to offer money to the people to share their honest opinion about their product so that more people come forward to take an interest. And where there is money concerned, people tend to give a try.

It’s not necessary to write only good words rather you get asked to give your honest feedback and opinion.

So how you can exactly make money through Online surveys?

The first thing, I would like to tell you that you may not be able to make thousands of dollars through online surveys though you can earn your pocket money. You cannot simply dependent fully on it.

  • The very first step you need to take is to search for authentic Survey websites. You can easily differentiate between a scam survey site and a genuine one because the genuine survey sites don?t ask for money or credit card details when you are joining them. They are absolutely free.
    On the other hand, scam sites might ask you for some entry fee, and credit card details.
  • Once you make a list of genuine sites, Sign up and fill your profile and other details carefully because companies send surveys as per your profile information. Avoid leaving options blank or filling inaccurate details.
  • Now, you will be getting surveys that you should complete. Don?t be inconsistent while taking part in the surveys you are assigned to. Be regular to get more surveys. If are not consistent, they might stop sending you further surveys.
  • Once you complete a survey then you get paid through your preferred payment modes.
  • If you are regular to work on surveys. Keep checking your emails to stay updated, so that you can take action instantly whenever you assigned a survey.
  • As you get asked to share your opinion in the surveys, enjoy answering the questions, and give your honest feedback and suggestions.

How to stay away from Scam Surveys?

  • As I mentioned earlier in the article that genuine survey sites don?t ask for any upfront fee or credit card details. So if any site is asking such things, just stop visiting that site.
  • Many survey scam sites don?t let you know the clear payment mode and other details. They keep many things hidden from you. Don?t join them.
  • Go to some complaint sites and search if there any complaints about the survey sites you are going to join.

I am sharing a list of 5 legitimate Survey sites:

  1. My survey
  2. Swagbucks?
  3. Valued opinions
  4. One poll
  5. Cash Crate

Few of these sites don?t allow users from India so I have made a list of 5 online survey sites for Indian users as well and those are given below:

  1. Global test market
  2. Star panel
  3. Panel place
  4. Spider metrix
  5. PanelPlace

Final Words

Internet has given us a platform to learn, teach, chat, play games, entertain, getting news, and many other things including money making potential then why only spend your time chatting with friends or strangers(which most people do), why not start making efforts and earn some cool cash?

I would again want your attention that it is not going to make you rich,but it surely can help you earn your pocket money.

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