8 Tips to help you choose the best headlines

There is so much noise in the online publishing world as thousands of articles are being published every day. So the question is what to do to stand out of the crowd, and drag more audience to your blog posts.

Headlines are like the nameplates of blog posts because they are identified when someone reads their headlines. Therefore, if you can write headlines that can attract more eyeballs then your CTR (Click Through Rate) will readily increase. High CTR means increased traffic, and that’s what every online publisher wants.

No matter how great is your blog post, if the headline is not provoking it is tough to get people to that post.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about the 8 tips that help you choose the best headlines for your blog posts.

1. Use the numbers

One of the most effective headlines you can write by using numbers. Because numbers deliver a sense of exactness.

For example,

10 best SEO strategies for more organic traffic
7 tips to write killer articles

There are no rules for choosing a number; you can just keep any number that you think is good for your article.

When people look at your headline, they get attracted because it is very common that people love to scan the content rather than reading every word. In most of the content that has a title with numbers have subheadings that are self-explanatory.

Therefore, due to the ease of reading the post, people easily get attracted to the headlines that include some numbers.


2. Use the WH question words

WH words are the interrogative words that are used by people to surf for information on the internet. Here is a list of WH words:

  • Who
  • Why
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How

Suppose you have to find about Nelson Mandela, as you don’t know anything about him, then what you will search in Google?

Probably your search queries will be like:

Who is Nelson Mandela?

What are Nelson Mandela’s contributions?

Take one more example,

If your website is penalized by Google Panda, then what will you search to find the solution?

Probably these:

What is Google Panda? How to avoid its penalty?

How to get rid of Google Panda Algorithm?

When did last Panda update happen?

How to keep my website safe from Google Panda?

Now you can see that most of the searches are with question words. So if you include these WH questions in your headlines, chances of appearing in the search engines will increase, and CTR will also improve.


  1. Be a bit Personal

Being personal while writing headlines can make your blog post very successful. I mean, relate the headlines with your own experience.

Below are a few examples,

How am I making 6-figure income every month?

Learn how I am able to rank my blog for every keyword.

People easily get attracted towards such headlines because they look like actual case studies of the strategies you have implemented to get the success.

  1. Use Controversial element

Controversial headlines increase the number of clicks to a great extent, but you must have justification for what you are claiming. If you can handle the controversy and criticism, then go ahead and write controversial headlines.

For example,

Why should you not buy iPhone 6?

Why considering Alexa Rank is useless?

Why is Google Adsense not the best ad program?

These types of controversial headlines draw people’s attention quickly.

  1. Use Power Words

There are many words that considered as powerful words because they quickly draw audience’s attention. Words like Free, wonderful, excellent, awesome, ultimate, secrets, etc. can work great if you use them wisely.

Suppose if you are writing an article in which you are mentioning a few things that helped you rank well in search engines, you can start the post title as “Secret SEO tricks that helped me rank on top page”.

Power words make great difference in CTR if you share the post on social media. When you share your article on social sites, the headline shows prominently over there. And if you have headlines that include power words, the CTR will go high.

  1. Take Care of Keywords

If you write for the web, you cannot ignore search engine traffic, and for that, you must have to do keyword research to find out the profitable keywords. Once you have the keywords with you, target one main keyword in the headline because it impacts the search engines to a bigger extent. It increases the chances to rank well in SERPs. Try to keep the keyword at the beginning of the Post title, and then use other words.

For example,

Link Building Strategies: A must read for SEO experts

5 Link Building Mistakes you must avoid.

In the above examples, Link building strategies and link building mistakes are the targeted keywords that I have put in the beginning. This is a tiny but the most beneficial SEO tip for everyone.

  1. Define what the article is all about

The headline of the post must not be something that audience cannot get an idea of what they are going to read. It should be self-explanatory so that when someone reads it, he can easily get an idea of what he will be reading in the article.

  1. Address your readers in the second person

To connect well with your readers, use the second person to address your readers. It’s like you are grabbing their attention by calling them directly.

For example, just look at the title of this blog post itself.

8 Tips to help you choose a headline.

10 things you should do today start making money with your blog.


Headlines are very important for your content. If you can write the best ones, you will be able to increase the CTR, and hence the traffic. I have mentioned 8 tips that can help you choose headlines for your next blog posts.

You must not underestimate the power of a headline. Always give some time for writing the killer headlines.

You can get most out of your efforts if you create eye-catching headlines for your every blog posts.

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