10 Things to Know Before Climbing KiliManjaro

Mountain climbing is one of the most adventurous expedition. And, when we talk about Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is once in a lifetime opportunity to climb it and reach its summit.

Where is KiliManjaro?

If you don’t know where is Mt. Kilimanjaro, you should know that it is Tanzania, Africa. This is the highest peak in Africa, and it is the highest free Standing Mountain in the whole world. It is not a part of any mountain range. It is around 16,100 Ft. from its base and 19330 ft. from the sea level.

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10 Things to Know before Climbing Kilimanjaro

  1. AMS Can Impact you big time

AMS short for Acute Mountain Sickness which may affect you when you go higher on the mountain, and there is nothing like even if you are very fit. It can still impact you. Dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. are common symptoms.

To cope up with this, you should do the climbing very slow because when you go slow your body gradually adapts the situations, but if you go very fast, your body gets less time to adapt, and hence AMS can happen.

The best advice we can give you is to talk to your doctor before you plan for climbing Kilimanjaro.

  1. Book Local Guides to save lot of money

Don’t book your trek operator online because you can get such operators at cheap rates than what you see online. So, wait to reach Arusha, and then search for a trek guide, and you will get at low cost and the best thing is they are well-known everything because they are locals of that place.

  1. Choose the best Route

You must know that there are so many routes to start climbing Kilimanjaro. So you should talk to your trek operator and finalize which route you want to choose. There are pros and cons of each route. So, know more about all of these, and then decide. The best we can advise you to go for the less crowded routes which are generally the ones that take extra1-2 days to reach the summit but chances of reaching summit increases if you take these routes.

  1. You have to use Squat Toilets

If you are from Western country who have used commode toilets. So, get yourself practiced to use Squat toilets because on Kilimanjaro you will get only these. Moreover, if you don’t think you can do on these, you can get yourself a portable private toilet but this will add hundreds of dollars to your budget.

  1. Summit day is very tough

Summit day is usually tough when you start midnight and have to crawl for eight hours of the steep switchback. But, all the efforts is worth when you reach the summit which is once in a lifetime moment.

Few other things to know:

  • You have to hydrate yourself and drink up to 3 liters of water every day. Your guide will give you 2-3 liters of water on day one. Porters collect water and replenish supplies.
  • Go slow while climbing.

Final Words

These are a few of the things, you must know before you start climbing Kilimanjaro because when you are ready, there are high chances of the successful trek.

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