10 Best Tactics To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts

Writing blog posts and publishing them on your blog are great but you don’t get happy until you get some really cool comments that build up some discussions on your posts.

When you publish a post and get comments from real bloggers and general people, you get a tremendous amount of motivation as it looks like people read your post, and they do like to discuss about it. After all, we all write for the audience, and when the audience doesn’t read, the efforts seem to be wasted.

Therefore, everyone who writes gets motivation when their content gets a good number of real comments. In short, blog comments are crucial for your blog posts, and even you should also comment on other blogs as it has immense benefits for you and your blog as well.

Though it is up to the topic and content, you still need to practice a few ways to get more comments on your blog posts. Just like the pointers you consider while commenting, there are tips that you must take into account and work on them to get more comments on your blog posts.

I am going to talk about those ways that you need to practice to get more comments!

10 Best Tactics To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts

  1. Write Interesting Content

This is the first advice everyone gives because readers mostly comment on the contents that are interesting. If you keep posting those stuff that no one wants to read, or they have already read them a lot of times, you will miss the chance to get comments.

Therefore, try to choose the interesting topics, and write them with a lot of factual information and statistical data. If you can write about some facts and stats, people are more likely to comment on the post.

Above all, your content must be something that people don’t find easily on the web. If you write about something that is already available on the internet everywhere, you will likely to get fewer readers. But, if you write on topics that usually not every blogger or publisher posts, then you will be able to grab more readers, and thus, more comments.

  1. Comment On Other Blogs

One of the best ways to get other bloggers’ comment on your blog is post comments on their blogs as well. Make a schedule of posting 5-6 comments every day, and religiously follow that. Don’t keep a big target for you because you don’t have to post comments only but you have to read all those blog posts first, and then post thoughtful comments. So, I would advise keeping five blog comments a day as your target from the beginning, and gradually you can increase the number if it looks comfortable to you.

When you post thoughtful comments on their blogs, they likely to reciprocate and visit your site, read your article, and then post comments.

That’s how reciprocation works! Mutual benefit! Isn’t it great?

Along with this, when you get comments from bloggers, look for their blog as well (if any), and try to read their blog and post comments.

Consistently doing these will give you more regular readers for your blog, and thus, the number of comments will increase too.

  1. Responding To Comments

I have advised you to reciprocate to your commenters by visiting commenters’ blogs, read posts, and write comments. Now, you must also respond to the comments you get on your posts as well.

Responding to comments is imperative because if you don’t reply, your readers may feel neglected, and possibilities are there that they don’t get back to your blog, and even they come to read, they don’t comment.

Therefore, to avoid this situation, appreciate and encourage your readers by responding to their comments.

This is a nice way to keep your readers stick with you.

  1. Socialize Your Blog Posts

Writing and publishing are not enough because you need to let people know that you have a new post on your blog. Then only they can see, and visit the new post, and probably they read full and comment too.

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram are the best social sites where you can promote your blog posts just after you publish them.

  1. Reach Out

Reach out might take some extra effort, but this is worth. Reaching out to the right bloggers in your niche is good. You can just write them an email and talk about the content you have created. Ask them if they would like to have a look at the content, and wait for their responses. If you get replies from them, do send them the live link to the content. You can also request them for a link back from their future articles if they like it.

The bloggers, who show interest, would most probably read your content, and write comments as well.

This method really works!

  1. Use Commentluv’s ReplyMe Feature

I comment on a lot of blogs, but I get notification only from a few when my comment gets a reply. There are times I like to comment again as some responses need to be questioned or discussed. But, what if I don’t get any notification even my comment gets a reply? I surely won’t get back to the post as I don’t know whether my comment got any response.

Therefore, using the ReplyMe feature of Commentluv is good. Earlier ReplyMe plugin worked well for this but since that had not been updated over the years; Commentluv added ReplyMe as a feature into it. So, if you are a Premium Commentluv user, you must activate this feature which sends a notification to every commenter when their comments get answered.

This way you get more returning comments and discussions on your content.

  1. Ask Questions In The Content

Though most of the content on the web are written to educate people, you can still ask some creative questions within the content or in the conclusion so that people will tend to comment more.

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For example, if I am writing about iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7, then I may ask a question at the bottom of the post like:

So you read the features and comparison of both iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, which one you are going to get and why?

This way, people will tend to post their opinions, and thus the number of comments increases on your content.

  1. Create Controversy

If you are able to take a stand, you can write something controversial in your blog posts, and you will see a huge flow of comments coming to your post.

It’s tested method to get more comments! But, make sure when you do this, you have to be rigid on what you have said in the content.

  1. Reward the Commenters

Everyone loves to get some rewards, and if you can do something like a check mark or featured comment to the best commenter, you will start getting more comments, and even better ones as everyone will want to get that featured comment reward.

Disqus commenting system had introduced the Featured Comment feature, and it’s awesome.

Photo Credit: Disqus

  1. Make The Commenting Easy

Don’t put any restriction or login authentication stuff for comments because these may distract your readers to leave comments. No one has so much of time that they will do a lot to leave a comment on your content. Therefore, keep it simple, and you will see more comments coming.

Over to you

These are my 10 best tactics to get more comments on your blog posts, and I am very sure that these will work for you too. Try these out, and share your experience.


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